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God’s Creation

Today’s kids are constantly bombarded with environmental messages. However, some of these messages — if from questionable sources — can promote an idolatrous worship of nature. Help your kids understand the real reason for Christians getting involved in environmental issues — it’s their God-given task!

Have kids volunteer for the following parts: narrator, Adam, two people to stretch out on the ground as a river, two “generic” trees, the tree of life and the tree of having the knowledge of good and evil. All the other kids will be birds or animals. Have volunteers stay in their seats until the narrator reads aloud the Bible passage.

Say: Listen and be ready to take your place in the garden as you hear your part in this Bible story.

Have the narrator read aloud Genesis 2:15-20, pausing and cueing kids to perform their assigned parts. Afterward, ask: What do you think the Garden of Eden was like? What job did God give Adam? Have you ever helped take care of a garden? What do you like about gardening? dislike about gardening?

Say: I think Adam enjoyed taking care of the garden and watching over all the animals. But soon Adam and Eve disobeyed God and did something he told them not to do. God made them leave the garden. Then more and more people were born and they began to spread all over the Earth. Now we have the whole world to take care of!

Ask: Do you think we’re doing a good job taking care of the Earth? Why or why not?

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God’s Creation

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