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God loves you
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Children’s Message: God Loves You

Use this children’s message: God Loves You at Christmas or any time of the year.

*Theme: God is our loving father.

*Text: Luke 2:10-11

*Preparation: You’ll need two volunteers. Have one volunteer wear a mask. Tell this volunteer to say things such as “If you sin, you’re gonna get it from me. I saw you smile; don’t smile in church. I’m God, and I don’t like smiles! I’m here to punish you when you’re bad.”

Have the other volunteer smile and say things such as “I love you. I came to earth as a man so I could be your friend. I died to forgive you of all the bad things you might do. I want to hold you in my arms and protect you.”

*The Message: Let’s find out what you think God is like. (Have the two volunteers step forward and say their lines one at a time.)

If these people are like God, which kind of God would you want to follow? Stand beside the kind of God you’d want to follow. Why did you choose the person you did? How does God really act? Is God a bogyman who wants to punish us? Why or why not? At Christmastime, we remember that God is a loving father who’d never hurt us. He’s our friend, and he came as the baby Jesus to tell us we don’t need to be afraid of God. (Have children sit.)

(Read the Scripture.) God loves you. At Christmas, let’s remember the good news about God that the angel spoke of. God loves us!


One thought on “Children’s Message: God Loves You

  1. I really can’t believe someone would actually use this lesson to teach 3-5 year olds! A volunteer with a mask and a baseball bat?? Really??

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Children’s Message: God Loves You

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