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Free Bible Lesson: The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost

In this free Bible lesson, kids discover the significance of the Pentecost as they color an activity page and discuss the Scripture. Scripture: Acts 2:1-12, Matthew 28:20b Supplies: Bible “The…

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5 Major Tips for Your Summer Outreach Programs

The desks have been cleaned and the report cards handed out, but there’s only one thing on every child’s mind—the sound of the last bell that rings out loud and…

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3 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Ideas to Support Moms

As with many traditions, repetition makes it difficult to come up with fresh, meaningful Mother’s Day ideas each year. Read on to find three heartfelt ideas for Mother’s Day this…

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Mix It Up! How Mixed-Age Groups Improve Your VBS

When it comes to organizing kids at your VBS, mixed-age groups may seem like a good idea…but how do you actually pull it off? Read on to hear one former…