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4 Handmade Volunteer Appreciation Christmas Gifts

Use these 4 creative, handmade gift ideas to show appreciation for your volunteers this Christmas. Looking for a great way to tell your volunteers just how much you appreciate them…

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Family Stressors This Christmas: What You Need to Know

For some families in our churches and communities, Christmas isn’t quite as merry as we may assume. The holidays can cause additional stress for children whose parents are divorced, whose…

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5 Proven Strategies to Make Connections Between Home and Church

Too often, parents don’t know what happens at Sunday school. Here’s how to make a better connection between home and church. Almost every Sunday, Mrs. Anderson drops her daughter, Katie,…

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5 Christmas Service Ideas Kids (and Their Families!) Can Do

One of the most treasured gifts you can give another person is a joyous memory. So this holiday season, we’re giving you 5 memory-making Christmas service activities that children and…