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Joyful Jumble Snack Mix: Fruit of the Spirit

This joyful snack mix is the perfect add-on for when you’re teaching on the fruit of the Spirit. Kids enjoy a tasty treat as they explore the joy Jesus gives…

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6 Critical Reminders for Ministering to Children of Divorce

“United we stand, divided we fall.” How many times have you heard this phrase that pertains to kingdoms, governments, businesses, churches, and even families experiencing divorce? The Bible talks about…

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[Pin]spiration and More for Making Father’s Day Extra Special

Make dads, grandpas, uncles, and other important father figures feel special with 9 ideas for your Father’s Day celebration. Dads work hard, play hard, and they like to feel appreciated.…

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5 Critical Ways to Keep Your Volunteer Team From Fraying

Is your volunteer team running ragged? Read more to discover ways to maintain the fabric of volunteers’ spiritual lives. A beautiful tapestry is so well-made that rather than looking at…