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13 Ways You Can Equip Parents to Lead Their Children Spiritually

Here are 13 easy ways you can equip parents to lead their children spiritually at home right now. Parents need simple, quick faith-builders that’ll make an impact on their children.…

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Safety First: Why You Absolutely Can’t Skip Background Checks

Here’s why you absolutely can’t skip background checks. Use this guide to conducting background checks on your team. Jack Anderson* thought it could never happen—at least not at his church.…

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3 New Nursery Ideas to Try in Your Ministry This Fall

Looking for a few new ministry ideas for this fall? Don’t forget about your youngest kids! These three nursery ideas will help. 3 New Nursery Ideas to Try in Your…

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Preschool Fall Craft: Fall Feely Sensory Boxes

In this preschool fall craft, kids make “feely fabric boxes” from sensory scraps such as cotton balls, feathers, felt, fake fur, and burlap. You’ll need: tacky craft glue ribbon lace…