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10 Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid in Children’s Ministry

As a volunteer recruiter, you think you’ve done what’s necessary to win and impress. But then you discover that your words or actions sent the potential volunteer running for the…

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10 Easy VBS Tips That’ll Make Leading Vacation Bible School a Breeze

VBS doesn’t have to be so hard; use our 10 easy VBS tips to make your VBS even easier! Hold on to your hats! Before you know it, vacation Bible…

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Easter Snack for All Ages: Good News Bouquet

For this Easter snack, kids create edible bouquets as they discover how Jesus gives new life! Scripture: Romans 6:7-10 You’ll need: Bible clear plastic cups Chex Mix marshmallows kabob skewers…

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Helping Children Process Another School Shooting Tragedy

It’s happened again. How can we fathom news about another deadly school shooting? Precious children’s lives are lost. Families are mourning. We all grieve. Especially as people who love and…