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Appreciate God’s Creation

Kids love outdoor summer fun – playing in the park, swimming, and catching fireflies under the star-lit sky. Help your kids appreciate the wonder of God’s creation this summer by creating a Starshine Water Globe. When you’re done, read Psalm 8 and reflect on God’s glory seen in his creation. Here’s how to get started:

What Kids Will Need: 20-oz. plastic soda bottles, funnels, light corn syrup, water, blue food coloring, star-shaped confetti, silver and gold glitter, tacky glue, and paper towels.

Preparation: Line a table with newspaper and set the bottles, measuring cups, funnels, and paper towels on it.
In another location, place the confetti, glitter, and glue. Keep the corn syrup, water, and blue food coloring out of the children’s reach until you begin.

Craft Steps

Place the funnel in the opening of your empty soda bottle. Measure ½ cup of corn syrup in a measuring cup, and pour it into the soda bottle.

Place one drop of blue food coloring in the bottle, and then fill the bottle with water, leaving about a thumbs length of air on top. Replace the lid and shake to mix the food coloring.

Reopen the lid and pour in some star-shaped confetti and glitter.

Pour a little glue inside the bottle cap and screw it onto the bottle. When the glue has dried, shake the bottle to see the stars shine!

Tying It Together

Have the children hold their water globes as you read aloud Psalm 8. As you read verses 3 and 4, let the kids shake their water globes. When you finish reading the psalm, ask:

  • What do you think the writer was thinking about when he looked
  • at the nighttime sky?
  • How can the moon, stars, and planets make us think of God’s glory?
  • How do you feel, knowing that the same God who created the stars also created you?

Say: “When the psalmist looked at the nighttime sky, he must’ve wondered what kind of great God could create such beauty in such a huge space! No one can put any boundaries on the sky and section it off — the sky stretches around the whole world! Think about how great God is to create something so amazing!”

Excerpted from The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for Children. This must-have children’s ministry resource includes nearly 200 fun crafts that illustrate every major Bible story. Use it for your next Sunday school, midweek, or children’s church lesson. 


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Appreciate God’s Creation

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