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Father's Day
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Father’s Day Tribute

Father’s Day provides a great way to celebrate both our heavenly and our earthly fathers. Try this Father’s Day Tribute to make this day memorable.

To make our Father’s Day bulletin board, my assistants and I cut out tool pictures from magazines, stapled them on a bulletin board, and wrote positive attributes by each tool.

I had the 6- to 12 year-olds make cards for their dads for Father’s Day. For kids who have no dad, they did this for a special man in their lives.

Follow these instructions on a folded piece of construction paper.

  • On the front top, write, “Daddy, you give me the tools…” Then cut out tools from magazines and glue them to the front bottom of the card.
  • On the inside, write different characteristics their dads build in their lives, such as love, wisdom, understanding, determination, and patience.

Then finish the card by writing “…to build my life with. Happy Father’s Day! I love you, Daddy! Love, ___________.”

I also had children each record a little message on a tape for their father. On Father’s Day, I played the tape during the service and the children passed out their cards. The dads loved them. Some even cried!

Angela Miguel
Detroit, Michigan


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Father’s Day Tribute

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