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A boy using his fingers to make "glasses" over his eyes.
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Children’s Message: Lies and God’s Eyes

In this children’s message: Lies and God’s Eyes, the children will make writing appear with water and crayons to show that even when we try to cover up our lies, God sees through it all.

You’ll need:

  • Orange crayon,
  • blue crayons,
  • water,
  • blue food coloring, and
  • a resealable plastic bag.

Beforehand, mix a drop of blue food coloring and the cup of water in a resealable plastic bag.

Children’s Message: Lies and God’s Eyes

Say: Mandy had a problem. She had borrowed her sister’s porcelain animals for Show and Tell without asking anyone. On the way home, Mandy dropped the bag of animals. Every miniature animal was shattered. Mandy swept all the broken pieces back into the bag and hid it under her bed before her sister got home. When her mom asked her what she used for Show and Tell, Mandy told her mom that she showed the class her seashells.


  • What did Mandy say that she brought to class?

Write “seashells” in orange on the paper. Have each child scribble over the word “seashells” with the blue crayon. Tell children that the blue marks they make are like the lies Mandy told to cover up what she had done. While each child is scribbling, ask him or her why Mandy lied.

After each child has had a turn, say: Mandy took her sister’s animals and broke them. Then she didn’t tell the truth to cover up her mistake. We often lie to hide another sin, just as the word “seashells” is hiding under the marks you made. But God has very special eyes. He can see right through our lies.

Take the bag of blue water, and lay it over the paper. Let the kids see the words pop out.

Dig Deeper Question

Read Genesis 18:15 and ask:

  • Why did Sarah lie?
  • How is that like Mandy’s problem?
  • How are the marks we made with blue crayons like Mandy’s lie?
  • What can you do if you are afraid to tell the truth?

Say: Mandy lied about the animals because she was afraid of the consequences from breaking them. “Consequences” means what happens to you for doing something. Mandy will have to suffer the consequences of breaking the animals and now also for lying. If you lie, you need to be truthful as soon as possible. God can see through all our lies anyway! Most people will be happy to forgive you. It’s always best to tell the truth.

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5 thoughts on “Children’s Message: Lies and God’s Eyes

  1. My experiment didn’t work. I couldn’t see seashells through the blue water. How can you help me? The only thing I can figure is that I had too much blue crayon over the orange. I have 12kids so I did 12 different shades of blue over orange. What do you think?

    • Christine Yount Jones

      Our team is working on testing this idea to see how we can help! We’ll be back soon!

    • try a green (regular to lighter) crayon for “seashells”, scribble over with red, then use 6 drops of red food coloring in one cup of water …

  2. Thank you for the neat idea! I am actually going to put the words “China animals” underneath the blue scribbles because to me, that is what she is hiding from her family, yet, God can still see the TRUTH.

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Children’s Message: Lies and Go...

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