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Father’s Day Children’s Message: Describe Dads

Share this delightful children’s message about the fruit of the Spirit on Father’s Day. It’ll provide a special way for kids describe their dads and honor all the men in your church family.

Talk About Adjectives

Say: Let’s talk about adjectives. Perhaps you’ve learned about them in school. Adjectives are describing words that tell about a noun, which is a person, place, or thing. An adjective usually comes right before a noun. I’ll point to some persons, places, and things in our room today. When I do, I want you to shout out a nice word that describes them—an adjective!

Point to several things and places in the room. Allow time for kids to call out words that describe those things. For example, “smelly flowers,” “loud drums,” “comfy pews,” or “flashy necktie.”

Then have all the men in the room stand and motion toward them. (If you’re teaching this lesson separate from adults, simply mention dads, grandpas, or other male caregivers in kids’ lives.)

Describe Dads

Say: Today is Father’s Day! What nice adjectives would you use to describe your dad, your grandpa, your uncle, or another great guy in your life? Invite responses from the kids, then invite men to be seated.

You said some great words that describe the men God has put in your life. They are funny dads, kind dads, caring grandpas, [mention other words kids said].

Read About Fruit of the Spirit

Say: In the book of Galatians in the Bible, we read nice words that tell about fruit. Except those nice words aren’t actually describing apples and oranges and bananas. They’re describing people who follow Jesus.

You see, Galatians is a letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to some of the first Christians. Paul wasn’t a dad himself, but he acted like a father to a lot of people who needed guidance and care. In his letter, Paul wrote about the good things that the Holy Spirit produces in the lives of people who know and follow Jesus. Some of these words may describe dads, too! Listen to what Paul wrote.

Read aloud Galatians 5:22-23.

Make Fruit of the Spirit Adjectives

Say: The nice words Paul wrote can become adjectives, too! We can change them a little so they describe people who know and follow Jesus—they can even describe dads! Since it’s Father’s Day, let’s use some of the fruit of the Spirit to describe special men in our lives and our church. When men follow Jesus, Jesus helps them be:

Loving dads

Joyful uncles

Peaceful papas

Patient parents

Kind coaches

Good grandpas

Faithful fathers

Gentle gentlemen!

No man or woman, or kid for that matter, can be all these good adjectives on their own. We need Jesus! Jesus gives us good adjectives! When we’re close friends with Jesus, the Holy Spirit grows good things in our lives.

Close With a Prayer

Pray and thank Jesus for the good fruit we see growing in fathers’ lives. Ask Jesus to help those good adjectives grow in the lives of all his friends, including all the kids with you today.

Make a Craft

You’ve described dads using the fruit of the Spirit. Now help kids create a fun Father’s Day craft to go along with this children’s message. Check out this “Bearing Fruit” Father’s Day craft for elementary kids.

Looking for more children’s messages? Check out The Humongous Book of Children’s Messages. You’re sure to find the perfect lesson in this collection of 170 quick-prep children’s messages.

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