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Ollie Owls

Whoo loves you? This preschool-age appropriate craft project is
a creative way to teach your children’s ministry students the
answer to this great question.

Simple Supplies:
You’ll need empty bathroom-tissue tubes, scrap
construction paper in orange and brown, brown paper grocery sacks,
craft feathers, markers, glue sticks, scissors, and tape.

1. Before class cut small, 1/2-inch triangles from orange
and brown construction paper. Each child will need one orange
triangle and two brown triangles. If you don’t have empty
bathroom-tissue tubes, make 6-inch tubes from poster

2. Set out markers and glue sticks. Give each child a
cardboard tube. Have children draw eyes on the top half of the
tube. Mention to the children that they’re going to make hoot

3. Distribute the orange and brown construction paper
triangles. Tell children to glue an orange triangle below the eyes
for the beak then glue the bown triangles as ears.

4. Set out craft feathers. Show children how to glue craft
feathers to the bottom half of a tube as chest feathers for an

5. Let children tear wings from the paper grocery sacks
then tape the wings to the owl. Now Ollie Owl is ready to sit, fly,
and say wise things!

Crafty Tips:

  • With a few changes, the owl pattern may be adapted to use
    as Christmas angels or shepherds.
  • Use this craft idea with lessons about wisdom and
    understanding. Let the owl represent listening and

Extra Fun:

Say this rhyme while the children hold their owls like
finger puppets and “fly” them around the room.

Who? Who? Who loves you?
Jesus, he’s the one.
Who? Who cares for you?
Jesus, he’s God’s Son. Yeah.

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Ollie Owls

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