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[Pin]spiration for a Meaningful Mother’s Day Celebration

Reach mothers and mother figures with these 9 ideas for a Mother’s Day celebration at your church. Create keepsakes that will touch hearts for years to come!

Moms can play so many important roles in kids’ lives and in our church family life, and we know these special women deserve recognition and thanks well beyond one day a year. So, how can you make this Mother’s Day extra special? Well, we’ve collected nine great ideas for you!

We’ve done a Pinterest deep dive and come up for air with three best-of-the-best meaningful Mother’s Day craft pins to help you celebrate all the moms and mother figures of the kids in your church community. Make one, make them all, and deliver some heartfelt gratitude!

That’s not all! We’ve collected three super simple ideas for creating meaningful and ministry-minded Mother’s Day photo-ops for families at your church. These beautiful backgrounds will make families smile—and provide ways to serve and celebrate women in your church.

Plus! We’ve hand selected three meaningful Mother’s Day children’s messages for you to consider incorporating into your worship service of children’s ministry classrooms. Each children’s message encourages kids to show love and appreciation to their moms and mother figures.

3 Best-of-the-Best Meaningful Mother’s Day Crafts

1. Handprint Flowerpot

Ages: preschool to early elementary

Why We Love It: This is an easy-to-do, adaptable craft! It’s on-season with its spring look and offers moms a heartwarming reminder of their little ones’ little hands. Kids grow fast, and memories of those fleeting younger years are instant treasures.

Connect It With God: As needed, have adult or teen helpers assist kids in writing words or phrases to describe things they love about their mom on the flowers or the finger stems. Include reasons they’re thankful that God gave them their mom.

2. All About My Mom

Ages: elementary

Why We Love It: Simplicity! You can easily print copies of this craft as it is or kids could draw their own design and write the prompts, along with their answers. The personal affirmations, appreciation, and loving words written in a child’s handwriting will make moms laugh and cry tears of joy. This is the kind of paper that goes straight to the keepsake box instead of the recycling bin!

Connect It With God: Alter a few of the prompts to affirmations such as:

  • My mom helps me learn about God when she…
  • I see Jesus’ love in my mom because she…
  • God made my mom special by giving her…

3. “Choose an Adventure” Activity Jar

Ages: upper elementary and preteen

Why We Love It: This one isn’t necessarily meant for Mother’s Day, but this low-supply idea can hold loads of meaning for moms—particularly as kids get older and grow more independent. Receiving a jar full of ideas of adventures their child wants to share with them will make moms’ hearts soar while providing invaluable insights for connection and memory making.

Connect It With God: Add a fun challenge for upper elementary kids to think of a few adventure ideas that include God somehow. What are things kids could do with their moms to help them get to know God more or experience his love? Activities could include:

  • Go on a prayer walk or jog in a new-to-us place.
  • Plant seeds and talk about how God helps us grow.
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt to discover God’s creativity.
  • Make a new recipe and thank God for providing for us.
  • Make up a game to play together and thank God for fun.

3 Ministry-Minded Photo-Ops for Mother’s Day

1. Bouquet of Smiles

Invite families to pose in front of posies! Purchase flowers from a grocery store or local flower shop and attach them to a wall in your church. You’ll capture the beauty of God’s creation as you celebrate the beautiful love given by women in your church.

After photos have been taken, create bouquets to deliver to women in your church who are homebound and couldn’t attend your service in-person that day.

2. Linked With Love

These paper chains create a pop of color and help your whole church family celebrate the women in your church.

Creating this backdrop could be a fun way for the elementary children in your church to help prepare for your church’s Mother’s Day celebration. Distribute paper strips to each elementary Sunday school class the week prior to Mother’s Day. Show them this Pinterest pin to help explain the project, then unleash them to loop and staple away! As they make paper chains, have them talk about this question:

Who are women in your life that link you to God’s love?

3. Picture Plates

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! Attach colorful paper plates to wall, and voila! You’ve got a color palette for family pictures.

Then, transform the plates into picture frames! Simply print and attach each family photos to a plate and write “The Smith Family” on the plate. Leave the photo-op up for the next few Sundays, encouraging your congregation to stop and pray for the families they see. Then distribute the pictures to families to take home.

3 Children’s Messages for Mother’s Day Celebration

1. Mother’s Day Children’s Message: Miriam Protects Moses

In this Mother’s Day children’s message, kids explore how God takes care of us through others as they carefully pass a large sheet of tissue paper.

2. Because I Love You: FREE Mother’s Day Bible Message and Craft

This children’s message (and bonus craft!) encourages kids to show love and appreciation to moms and mother figures.

3. Elementary Sunday School Lesson: Mother’s Day

In this Mother’s Day Sunday school lesson, kids discover ways they can show love and obedience to their moms.

Looking for even more Mother’s Day ideas? Check out these posts! And for ways to help encourage moms, check out Moms Connect: a curriculum designed to bring together moms for connection and faith-based discussion.

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