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[Pin]spiration and More for Making Father’s Day Extra Special

Make dads, grandpas, uncles, and other important father figures feel special with 9 ideas for your Father’s Day celebration.

Dads work hard, play hard, and they like to feel appreciated. So, get your tool belt and let’s get to work! No, you won’t need your hammer and nails—you probably won’t even break a sweat (unless it’s a hot day and you don’t have A/C).

All you need is this article, a few supplies, and possibly a few helpers, because we’ve scoured Pinterest for you to find fun, simple, and meaningful ways you can make dads and father figures feel extra special this Father’s Day. We found three great crafts for all the kids in your kidmin, plus three fun photo-op ideas that make dads (and father figures) feel like they matter.

That’s not all! We’ve hand selected three meaningful Father’s Day children’s messages for you to consider incorporating into your worship service of children’s ministry classrooms. Each children’s message encourages kids to honor and understand how special their dads and father figures are.

Important Reminder: Not all kids and not all families have a dad. So remember to find ways to be inclusive and sensitive to special circumstances.

3 Best-of-the-Best Father’s Day Crafts

1. Popsicle Card

Ages: preschool to early elementary

Why We Love It: This is an easy-to-do craft that’s perfect for little hands! It’s on-season with summer fun and gives dads a chuckle that will warm their hearts, too. For extra fun, have a popsicle party at pick-up. To make the craft work for any important father figure, eliminate the word “dad” and have kids either write “dad” in the blank space or the name of the man they’re celebrating. As leaders or volunteers, make sure to be aware of special circumstances and help kids feel included by helping them think of someone else they want to make this for.

Connect It With God: Customize the message on the back side to say “Dad, you’re the coolest because God made you…” and then ask the kids what their favorite thing about their dad is. If they can’t write it themselves, have volunteers write it for them.

2. World’s Best Dad Trophy

Ages: elementary

Why We Love It: Easy-to-find supplies! In fact, you probably already have all the supplies in your supply closet (you can use any colors you have available). Plus, it would be easy to “up” this idea by using empty soup cans or by making a trip to the dollar store and picking up mugs, pots, or other sturdier and longer-lasting containers so dads can proudly display them on their desk as a pen holder. Have a variety of yummy treats available so kids can pick their dad’s favorites to put inside. If kids are making this for someone other than their dad, they can easily change it out with something like “World’s Best Papa or Grandpa” or insert a word like “Griller” or “Friend” or “Uncle.”

The important thing is for you and your volunteers to be aware of the kids that are there, and be attentive to anyone who may feel left out because they don’t have a “dad.”

Connect It With God: Have a variety of strips of paper available and ask kids write reasons why they thank God for their dad on them. They can start the phrase with things like “I thank God for you because…” or “I’m so glad God made you my dad because…” Then they can fold them up and put them into the “trophy” as a heartfelt surprise.

3. Candy Tie

Ages: upper elementary and preteen

Why We Love It: It’s colorful and fun to make, and gives dads a special treat to enjoy during the day. Kids can customize their tie by writing a special message to their dad on the back. But make sure they do that BEFORE they add the candy! Don’t forget to be attentive to kids who may not have a dad and could feel left out of this craft. Encourage them to make it for a grown-up in their life that they are thankful for.

Connect It With God: Encourage kids to write things they thank God for when they think of their dad (or father figure).

3 Fun Photo-Ops for Father’s Day

Help dads and father figures feel extra special this Father’s Day by offering a fun photo-op display to snap pictures with their families. Then, print the pictures and post them on a bulletin board at your church for everyone to see, post to your church’s social media page (but make sure to get their permission first!), and drop a copy in the mail thanking them for sharing the love of God with their family. Because not every important man in someone’s life is their father, we love these photo-op ideas because they don’t leave anyone out by saying “dad” or “Father’s Day” on them.

Tip! An instant-film camera is a great way to give families a memory to walk away with. But also snap pictures with a digital camera or a cellphone so you can create a memory wall at your church. Why? Because this is a great way to make families feel at-home when they’re at your church!

1. Donut Grow Up

Ha! This one is CUTE! Dads are known for their love of having child-like fun, so make your photo-op really speak to him with this fun backdrop. Up the fun and provide donuts, too!

2. All Tied Up

We love this idea because of the simple supplies. You can borrow ties and hats, or make a trip to the local thrift store. To make sure every man feels included, simply leave out the dad-specific props. For added fun, have an extra box of ties and hats for family members to wear in the photos.

3. Picture Plates

We shared a similar idea in our Mother’s Day post, too. But it’s just too good not to share again. Attach colorful paper plates to a wall, and voila! You’ve got a colorful palette for family pictures. If you can find emoji-themed paper plates…that would be fun! Or get creative with the layout and layer the plates, use a mix of sizes along with square plates. Really…the sky’s the limit!

As an alternative to our previously mentioned bulletin board, transform the plates into “picture frames!” Simply print and attach each family photo to a plate and write “The Smith Family” on the plate. Leave the photo-op wall up for the next few Sundays, encouraging your congregation to stop and pray for the families.

3 Children’s Messages for Father’s Day

1. Father’s Day Children’s Message: Describe Dads

Share this delightful children’s message about the fruit of the Spirit on Father’s Day. It’ll provide a special way for kids describe their dads and honor all the men in your church family.

2. Father’s Day Children’s Message: My Father, the Encourager

Use this Father’s Day children’s message with children to focus on fathers and other men who encourage the children in their lives.

3. Father’s Day Snack for Children’s Ministry: Our Father

In this activity, kids eat a Father’s Day snack that helps them understand how special fathers are—including our heavenly Father.

Looking for even more Father’s Day ideas? Check out these posts!

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