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Budgeting and fundraising
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Free Budgeting Tool, Plus 3 Simple FUNdraising Ideas

When someone asks what your favorite part of your work as a children’s ministry leader is…we’re willing to bet you don’t say budgeting or fundraising! And we’d have to agree. So that’s why we’re here to give you a totally awesome, FREE budgeting tool, and some super-simple fundraising ideas.

Now, before you get too excited, we must admit it’s “just” a spreadsheet. But, what’s totally awesome is that someone else (an experienced, budget-conscious, detail-oriented children’s ministry leader) already did the work of thinking through every possible expense and organized it into categories so you don’t have to. Now that’s awesome!

Click to download this FREE budgeting tool.

When we budget here at, we find that we have to make compromises by eliminating things we’d really like to do. If you’re in that same boat, we figured you’d enjoy some fun and simple fundraising ideas, too!

3 Simple FUNdraising Ideas


Beyond giving money, many people enjoy purchasing things they really know you need. Your budget is sure to have many needed supplies such as crayons, Bibles, Band-Aids, paper, scissors, snacks, and more on it. These are things you must have and are not likely to be eliminated from your budget. However, if other people purchased these items instead, you’d free up budget dollars for something else—yay!

How to Set Up Your Ministry Registry

  1. Create a list of needs and ask to put it in the weekly bulletin.
  2. Place a box outside classroom doors for collection.
TIP! Use the free online tool Sign-up Genius for an easy way for people to sign up.

And be sure to check out Group’s ALL-NEW Gift Registry. With this innovative gift registry, you’ll be able to create gift lists for all your ministry needs!

Fundraising Idea 2. GIVE US 5

If your church has a coffee or refreshment area, place a donation box and a large sign near the area. For added flair—have the kids create a fun box and the sign(s)! Just make it fun and make it pop. Here’s what your sign will read…

“Skip your morning coffee or lunch out one day this week and GIVE US $5 instead. Our children’s ministry is raising money for [FILL IN THE BLANK]. God bless and thank you for your donation!”

Fundraising Idea 3. THE GIVING WALL

We got this idea from a Christian school who raised over $12,000! Of course, the amount of money you make will depend on how many envelopes you post (largely dependent upon your kidmin size) and the monetary denominations you decide to put on the envelopes. The basic idea is you post envelopes on a wall with donation amounts on the outside of the envelope. People come and pull off an envelope representing the donation amount they’d like to give, place their money inside, and drop the envelope in the box.

How to Create the Giving Wall

  1. Determine the number of envelopes you will post, and the dollar amounts you will put on them. The school we spoke to used 200 envelopes, which was determined by the number of students they had. And they numbered the envelopes from $1 – $200. (We encourage you to include several $1 envelopes as this can even encourage the kids to contribute!)
  2. Determine the timeframe you’ll run the campaign. Two to four weeks is a good target.
  3. Choose a Sunday to have the kids color and decorate the outside of the envelopes. Plus, write a thank-you note to go inside for the person who plucks the envelope from the wall.
  4. Designate a wall in a high-traffic area for your giving wall. Decorate it however you would like and attach the envelopes (make sure they’re easy to pluck, but won’t easily just fall off). We recommend using lots of color to make sure it stands out, so people recognize it as something new and come to check it out. And be sure to put instructions on the wall so people who miss the announcement(s) know what to do!
  5. Create a donation box to be placed beside the wall for people to drop their envelopes in after they have placed their money inside. (To reduce the potential for theft, place one of your church security team members nearby. Plus, have a person of trust remove and count the envelopes after each service and designate where the money will be stored.)
  6. Announce the fundraiser either in the bulletin, in front of the congregation, or both! We also recommend a pre-announcement on social media or in email so people come prepared to give.
TIP! You can also set up a virtual giving wall. One way would be using the free online tool Sign-Up Genius.

Looking for more budgeting tips? Check out these ideas!

2 thoughts on “Free Budgeting Tool, Plus 3 Simple FUNdraising Ideas

  1. Karen Espinoza

    I thank God for coming across this ministry and newsletters. We have a small congregation of about 60 people including kids. As the children’s ministry leader I desire to learn more about different ways to engage children, help them grow spiritually, how to involved families, fun activities and so on.. Thank you all for your publications and advice on how to make the children’s ministry a place place to serve in. God bless your team, Pastors and ministry. I actually have to scroll and look through my emails to find your newsletters! I get so much junk, but the email I look forward too is from you guys!

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Hi Karen,

      It is so heartwarming to read your kind words. We truly appreciate all of our friends in ministry and are always praying for you all. It’s also so amazing to hear how much you enjoy our newsletter! We are always looking for ways to share creative and fresh content. I hope we continue to help you and your ministry for many years to come. God bless you and your ministry.

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