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Every Color Under Heaven

All Ages

Theme: Taking care of creation
Text: Psalm 104:24
Preparation: You’ll need a Bible and a container of M&M’s candies or Skittles.
The Message: (Form three groups. Say the following phrases and give each group an assignment.)

  • Group 1: “Oh, Lord, how many are your works.” With your group, choose a number between one and five.
  • Group 2: “In wisdom, you made them all.” Shake out the number of candies that Group 1 chooses.
  • Group 3: “The Earth is full of your possessions.” Your group has 15 seconds to call out things in God’s
    creation, using the number chosen and the color of candies.

For example, if Group 1 calls out two and Group 2 shakes out red and yellow, Group 3 has to name two red things in God’s creation, such as a flower and ladybug, and two yellow things, such as the sun and a lemon.

(After each round, rotate the groups’ responsibilities. After three rounds, share the candy with everyone.)

How do things in creation meet people’s needs? Do you think people are taking good care of God’s creation? Why or why not? If God put you in charge of his creation, what would you do?

God has put each of us in charge of his creation. God wants us to take care of what he has created.


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Every Color Under Heaven

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