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An elementary girl raises her hand during a children's message.
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Children’s Message: Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?

Help children understand God’s purpose for everything he created.

Theme: God has a plan for everything.

Bible Reference: Psalm 89:11

You’ll need:

  • a Bible
  • a globe (you could substitute a world map)
  • globe stickers

Children’s Message: Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?

Say: Let’s talk today about some of the wonderful things God has made. Place the globe in front of you. When God made the world (spin the globe), he said that every part of it was good. Because God made our world, he understands it perfectly. He can see the whole earth.

Spin the globe again. Say: We can only see a small part of the world at a time. But God sees the biggest elephants and the littlest bugs, all over the world!


  • What are some creatures that God can see right now in our world?

If the children need prompting, point to places on the globe and ask, “What can God see in the jungle?” and “What can God see in the ocean?”

Say: God not only sees all the creatures of the world, he has a plan for each one.


  • What kinds of jobs did God give cows?
  • Why do you think God made dogs?
  • What job do you think God gave the mosquito?

Almost whatever the kids answer, you can respond with “You may be right.”

Say: Mosquitoes are pretty pesky to us. But even mosquitoes have a place in the world God made. For one thing, they provide food for bats and birds. From the little baby mosquito to the tallest giraffe, God has a plan for every creature in the world.

Applying Scripture

Open your Bible to Psalm 89:11. Say: Listen to what the Bible says in Psalm 89:11. I’ll read a phrase of this verse, and you repeat it back to me. The heavens are yours (have children repeat the phrase), and the earth is yours (repeat); everything in the world is yours (repeat)you created it all. (Repeat.)

This verse reminds us that God has a plan for every single thing he made—even mosquitoes! Let’s put our hands on the globe as we thank God for our wonderful world. I’ll say a line and then you repeat it. Ready? Creator God (repeat), thank you for this world (repeat) and the people we love. (Repeat.) Amen. (Repeat.)

Give each child a globe sticker. Say: Take your globe sticker home to remind you that God has a plan for every living creature in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Message: Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?

  1. When Mr St. Helen’s blew up in 1980 (?) environmentalists said the area was ruined for the next 100 years. But by 10 years after the explosion a book was printed that said how amazed scientists were that the land and Spirit Lake had recovered so significantly. My children had asked me about mosquitos’ purpose and that book said that the life returning to Spirit Lake was because mosquitos had laid their larvae in the water and the fish and tiny creatures in the water had that larvae as their main–or only– food source. That was a real answer to a real question my sons had at that time.

  2. ted rannila

    the insect in the picture is not a mosquito. it’s a mosquito catcher.

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Children’s Message: Why Did God...

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