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Delightfully Simple Christmas Crafts Kids Will Love

Are super simple, kid-approved Christmas crafts on your Christmas wish list? If so, we have ideas for you!

These simple Christmas crafts, taken from Simply Loved Holiday Year 2 Pre-K & K and Elementary kits, use the same simple supplies in two different, fresh, fun, and meaningful ways.

The questions included with each craft will spark friendship-building conversations as kids create. It’s the perfect way to befriend new children who are visiting over the holidays or get to know your “regular” attendees even better!

Plus, each craft naturally leads into the Christmas story found in the Bible, reminding kids of this one simple, easy to remember Bible Point: Jesus is good news!

Like what you see? There are more simple ideas where these came from! Each Simply Loved Holiday Pack offers two Christmas, a Palm Sunday, and an Easter lesson. It’s a great way to discover why Jesus is good news at Christmas and Easter!

So let’s get crafting! Here are four super simple Christmas crafts—two for Pre-K & K children, and two for elementary kids.

Super Simple Christmas Crafts for Pre-K & K Kids

Supplies: paper plates, star stickers, crayons

Starry Path

Draw a path on the paper plate and add star stickers. Then walk your fingers along the starry path.

Ask: Where’s a place you like to go?

Say: In our Bible story today, a couple whose names were Mary and Joseph had to go on a trip to a town called Bethlehem. When they got there, there was good news. Jesus was born! Jesus is good news!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Sticker Stars

Color a nighttime sky on the paper plate. Now add bright star stickers! Look how pretty they make the dark sky!

Ask: Tell about a time you stayed up so late that you got to see stars.

Say: Stars make the dark night sky bright and happy! Some people in the Bible saw a surprise in the night sky. These wise men learned that Jesus is good news!

Super Simple Christmas Crafts for Elementary Kids

Supplies: construction paper, tissue paper, tape, glue sticks, child-safe scissors

Construction Paper Christmas Tree

Tear small pieces of tissue paper and crumple them. Then glue the pieces onto construction paper to make a Christmas tree.

Ask: Tell about Christmas decorations in your house.

Say: We usually crumple paper to throw it away. In the Christmas story, shepherds may have felt unimportant—like crumpled paper. But they turned out to be really important! That’s because Jesus is good news, even when we feel like nobodies.

Construction Paper Wreath

Fold construction paper in half the long way. Cut slits from the fold about every half inch. Tape it into a tube and curl it into a wreath shape. Decorate by gluing on tissue paper berries.

Ask: What are some fun things you could put in a wreath?

Say: Wreaths can have all kinds of things: pinecones, flowers, ornaments, lights, candy canes, and so much more! There’s a little something for everyone. That reminds me how Jesus is good news…for everyone!

Want to see how simple Opening Option crafts tie into a Simply Loved lesson? Click here to download FREE samples of Simply Loved.



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