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A completed Christmas Gift Box on a purple background.
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3 Free Christmas Gift Box Templates

giftboxesWith these 3 free Christmas gift box templates from Children’s Ministry Magazine, kids will love making the box as much as the gift that goes inside! (These were created by our illustrious art director RoseAnne Sather!)

You’ll need:

  • scissors,
  • markers or crayons, and
  • copies of the Christmas gift box templates.

Ahead of time, download the gift box templates:

  • Gift for Girl The girl’s hands fold into the slot so she’s holding the gift.
  • Snowman The box folds so the snowman’s hat goes on his head.
  • Train The box folds so the train goes through the tunnel.

3 Free Christmas Gift Box Templates

This is an easy cut-and-fold craft kids can do.

Step 1: Have kids cut out the Christmas gift box templates on the outside dark solid line. Help them cut the slot where the box tab will insert. Kids can have fun coloring the design.

Step 2: Help kids fold all the dotted grey lines inward so the design is on the outside of the box.

Step 3: Once all the folds are made, fold the box together, tucking the corners into the box. Leave the tab and slotted panels on the very top to close the box.

Step 4: Kids can then fill the gift boxes with candies or gift cards for someone special.

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3 thoughts on “3 Free Christmas Gift Box Templates

  1. Pastor Dan Dengo

    When you a Child you touch the World

  2. David Paulson Illuri

    greetings in Jesus name!

    This is David paulson I’m 25 now! I’m from India, From my childhood I’m just A Christian, I’m not A perfect, I lived far from God for a long time, I did not know God’s love, I offended my parents, I lived a bad life in my youth, while living like that i got terrible weakness, when I get sickness that time I’m on the death bed in hospital, Even though the doctor said I would die, That time i realise I started to cry, I just asking forgiveness from Jesus, That time Wonderfully God spoke to me through Scripture ” You shell cry and he will say ‘ here iam’ Isaiah 59:9 yes God heald me, Doctors shocked, I’m totally healed, I took water baptism in Father holy Spirit and jesus Christ, I never back, I starts to went church and I started to leading in my church like playing music, and leading worship, Now A days in my hometown soo many conflicts between hindus Christians, By faith I’m started to sharing Gospel on streets in some villages near to my hometown,

    I’m doing children ministry, We have 55 children boys and girls every Sunday I’m conducted Bible club so I’m teaching stories from Bible, teaching music, dancing, so God using me greatly, I don’t have any job by faith I’m doing Ministry, monday to saturday I’m doing sharing gospel on streets Sunday I’m conducted children club we don’t have own place I just took one rented place for children gathering but i need some help for my children they need story books, & my children all are very very poor they need good clothes for this Christmas so if you help for my children ministry we’ll be more happy my dear 💚 Please remember in your prayers thank you.

    I need children bibles also for giving, here too expensive one bible, I want to do ministry, I want to die for my Lord Jesus, end of my life I want share Gospel as much as possible, please pray for my ministry in India
    David Paulson Illuri

    • Sierra Archuleta

      Hi David,
      First of all, thank you for your committed work in children’s ministry. We hope your ministry is blessed and fruitful. I passed along your comment to our Group Publishing Director in India, Nischal. He will be following up with you through email if there are any resources or programs to help your ministry. God bless you!

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3 Free Christmas Gift Box Templates

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