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Two preschoolers participate in a Camel Run Bible game.
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Preschool Christmas Bible Game: Camel Run

Use this “Camel Run” preschool Bible game to help kids explore the story of the Wise Men who visited Jesus based on Matthew 2:1-12.

Preschool Christmas Bible Game: Camel Run

In this relay, kids deliver treasures and learn about the wise men.


  • Bible
  • paper lunch sacks
  • jellybeans
  • tape or stapler

Preparation: Fill paper lunch sacks with small handfuls of jelly beans (or some other treat). Fold the top of the bags down, then tape or staple them shut. You’ll need one “treasure bag” for each child.

Form trios and say: After Jesus was born, three wise men traveled a long way to bring him wonderful gifts. In this game, we can pretend to be wise men, bringing gifts on our camels! But first, you’ll need to choose someone in your group to be the “camel.”

When groups have their camels, give each trio three treasure bags, and have everyone line up along one wall. Instruct the camels to get on their hands and knees. Have the two “wise men” stand on either side of the camels.

Tell the wise men to put one of their treasure bags on their camels’ backs and put the other two bags on the floor. Have the camels crawl and the wise men walk as they carefully deliver their treasure bags to the opposite side of the room. Have the wise men help keep the bags from falling off of the camels’ backs. The wise men will set the bags on the floor, then the trios will travel back to get another treasure bag.

Let a different child be the camel on the next trip. Continue the game until all the treasure bags are delivered.

After the game, have the groups sit together, open their bags, and enjoy their tasty treasures while you discuss the following:

  • What was this game like for you?
  • Why do you think people brought gifts to Jesus when he was born?
  • What gifts can we give Jesus today?

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Preschool Christmas Bible Game: Camel...

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