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Two preschool girls sitting next to each other right in front of the teacher. The teacher is showing them a picture of something. There are other kids sitting behind them.
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3 Christmas Bible Activities That Preschoolers Will Love

A preschooler’s excitement heightens as Christmastime draws near. The idea of presents and a visit from Santa Claus can almost be too much to handle! These three Christmas Bible Activities for preschoolers will help keep the excitement going while reminding children that the real reason for Christmas is Jesus.

3 Christmas Bible Activities for Preschoolers

1. God or People?

Help preschoolers begin to understand which gifts are really important this Christmas. Talk with children about how God gives us important gifts like family, love, and Jesus. Ask them to tell you about gifts they’ve gotten from people in the past. Then play “God or People?”—a game where you’ll name (or show images of) a gift and preschoolers shout out whether it’s a gift from God or a gift from people. Gift ideas include the ocean, friends, nature, trees, flowers, the sun, parents, toys, a teddy bear, a game, a race car, and a doll. After several rounds, ask kids what they love most about gifts God gives, like their family and Jesus. Close in a prayer, thanking God for his gifts.

2. King Jesus Christmas Bible Activity

Help preschoolers remember that Jesus, though born in a lowly manger, was the greatest king the world will ever know.

You’ll need:

  • a children’s Bible;
  • baby doll;
  • plain baby blanket;
  • crown or costume jewelry;
  • and old, worn-out sandals (that look like they could be from Bible-times) or a tunic kids can hold.

Swaddle the doll in the blanket. Have children sit in a circle as you read from Luke 2 about Jesus’ birth. Show children the words, and tell them the Bible is God’s special book. Then show them the baby doll. Say: Jesus is the most important king ever born. But he was born in a stable where animals stayed. Let’s pretend to hold the baby king. Pass the baby around the circle. Encourage kids to rock it in their arms before passing it on. Ask kids to describe if they’ve ever held a real baby before and what that was like.

Then say: Most kings wear priceless crowns and jewels. They sit on a throne and give out orders. Pass around the crown or jewels; then ask:

  • What kind of king is Jesus?

Let kids offer ideas; then pass around the old sandals or tunic. Say: Jesus was just like the rest of us—not rich or fancy or bossy—because he wanted us to know he loves us. Jesus is the greatest king we will ever know.

3. Gifts of Christmas

This simple gift-craft gets preschoolers focused on the Spirit of God this Christmas

For each child, you’ll need:

  • 1⁄4 sheet of either red or green construction paper
  • a half-circle (about 3 inches across) of the opposite color,
  • the words “Love,” “Peace,” and “Joy” printed on brightly colored 1-inch paper pieces
  • need glue sticks,
  • markers,
  • and scissors.

Step by step pictures of the Christmas craft. The first picture is the red paper square and green paper semi-circle. The next image is the semi-circle cut to be a bow, and the words "Love", "Joy", and "Peace" cut out on yellow paper. The last image in the red paper decorate with red dots, and the yellow words tape on the red square. It's top with the green semi-circle to make a present!

Help children cut fringe around only the curved side of the half-circle, leaving the straight edge uncut. Then have them decorate their paper rectangle any way they like.

Glue the fringe half-circle on the top from the back to resemble a “bow” on the present. Finally, let kids glue on their cut-out words. Remind them that God gives us love, peace, and joy as his good gifts—and we can give them to others.

Kristen Kansiewicz
Lynn, Massachusetts

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  1. Joshua Moreman

    this is good work indeed for the children that I would like to join and get the materials

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