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Craft: God’s Plan Vases

You’ll need to collect clear glass bottles of different sizes
and shapes before class. You’ll also need tacky glue, paintbrushes,
colored craft sand (available at craft stores), water, newspapers,
paper plates, and disposable cups.

Read aloud Psalm 40:4-5. Ask, “Do you know what plans God
has for you? Why or why not? Why do you think God takes the time to
make plans for each of us? How important is it to follow God’s
plan? Explain.”

Say, “We’re going to create a craft that’ll remind us that God
has a plan for each of us — it’s our job to accept that plan and
then fill our lives with things that are pleasing to God.”

Spread the newspapers on a flat work surface. Have kids choose a
glass bottle to decorate. Pour tacky glue into the disposable cups
and mix a very small amount of water into the glue. Pour each color
of sand onto a separate paper plate.

Tell kids they’ll be coloring their “vases” using the sand and
glue. Give kids a couple of minutes to plan how they’d like to
design the outside of their vases. Then have kids paint one section
of the outside of their bottle with the glue mixture and coat the
painted section with one color of sand following the design they’ve
thought out. Kids can continue this process until the entire
outside of the bottle is coated. Set the bottles aside to dry. Kids
will have a colorful, translucent vase to adorn a windowsill.

Explain to kids that the colors and designs they planned for
their vase can remind them of the plan God has made for each of

Excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Craft: God’s Plan Vases

  1. Ninon Powles

    Hello. I would love to be able to get this magazine! Is it a print magazine or online only?


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Craft: God’s Plan Vases

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