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Scratchboard Pictures

For this craft you’ll need: Heavy paper, pastel
crayons, black poster paint, bent paper clips or nails, dish soap,
paintbrushes, and dishes.

Get ready: Mix a drop of soap into each small dish of
black paint. Set out the supplies.

Tell kids to:
*Color your entire paper with crayons. Make a thick layer of crayon
as you color.
*Paint black all over the layer of crayons. Let the paint
*Scratch a picture into the black painted surface with a bent paper
clip or nail. The beautiful colors underneath will show

Talk teasers: Read aloud Mark 4:21-23.

*Ask: What do you think Jesus meant by “hidden” things? How will
Jesus help us see those hidden things? How was our black picture
like or unlike not knowing everything Jesus wants us to know? How
is our scratched picture like or unlike knowing everything Jesus
wants us to know? How can we be better listeners to learn from



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Scratchboard Pictures

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