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Jesus miraculously helps at a wedding.
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Free Bible Lesson: Jesus Miraculously Helps at a Wedding

Enjoy a sneak peak of Simply Loved, a brand-new children’s ministry curriculum from Group Publishing. Through this hands-on Bible lesson, you’ll help kids discover that Jesus does the impossible. Plus! Download a FREE Bible Story poster to go along with the lesson.  

You’ll need:

Experience the Bible Story

Say: In today’s Bible story, we’ll see what Jesus made using only water! But first, we need to get set up. Our story happened at a wedding, so let’s all be wedding planners.

Wedding Preparations

Say: First, we need to set up our room. Let’s make sure our chairs are in nice straight lines with an aisle down the middle. And make sure everything looks neat and tidy. Allow time for setting up chairs and cleaning.

Almost ready…but we need to decorate! Let kids decorate however they’d like using classroom items.

Great job, wedding planners! The last thing we need to do is set out cups for all the guests. Have kids sit in the chairs while you and your volunteers distribute cups.

Now let’s remember what usually happens at a wedding. For those of you who’ve been to a wedding, we need your help. 


  • Tell about what happened at a wedding you’ve been to. Invite a few responses from the whole group.

Welcome several responses, making sure to repeat each answer given. Your recap will allow kids to know they’re understood, and it’ll help everyone else hear quiet voices.

Say: Weddings today usually start with a ceremony, where the bride walks down the aisle and the couple exchanges vows. Then there’s a reception with food for everyone.

Our Bible story takes place at a wedding reception. But there was a problem that seemed impossible! It’s a good thing Jesus does the impossible. Let’s find out what the problem was.

Jesus Does the Impossible

Read aloud John 2:1-3.

Say: That might not seem like a big problem. But it’s kind of like running out of cake at your birthday party. You’d feel embarrassed!

And in fact, we have the same problem here. You all have cups, but they’re all empty. Right? Have kids turn their cups upside down and shake them.

Let’s see what Jesus did to solve the problem.

Read aloud John 2:6-8.

Show the Bible Story poster.

Say: Jesus asked the servants to fill all these jars with water.

And now we’ll fill your cups with water. Have volunteers help you fill kids’ cups.

Now take a sip of your water and pretend it’s your favorite beverage. Maybe it’s a kind of soda or chocolate milk. Allow time. As kids drink, they can call out their favorite beverages.

The wedding guests didn’t have to pretend the water was something else. Listen to what happened next.

Read aloud John 2:9-10.

Say: Wow! Imagine what’s in your cup not only turned into [name some of the drinks kids named]—but it turned into the most delicious stuff you’ve ever tasted!

Jesus does the impossible. After witnessing this miracle, his friends viewed him differently. Check this out.

Read aloud John 2:11-12.

Say: Jesus did a lot of impossible things, called miracles, in the Bible. But this was the very first miracle he did. Most of his miracles were things like healing sick people or even bringing people back to life!

But Jesus didn’t care only about the big problems. He cared about the little problem at this wedding, too. Jesus does the impossible.

The Heart of the Matter

Say: As you continue to enjoy your water, let’s try something else with cups.

Give each child a new cup and a dark washable marker.

Say: Jesus did something that seemed impossible when he turned water into wine. Jesus does the impossible. That means he cares about our problems, too. The big ones and the small ones.

So let’s talk with Jesus about our problems. As you talk silently with Jesus, use your marker to color the inside of your dry cup. Tell him anything that’s bothering you—big or small. Allow time for silent prayer.

Now we’re going to pour water into your cups, and we’ll see what happens. Don’t drink this water, though.

Have volunteers pour water into kids’ cups, which should change the color of the marker ink.

Jesus Does the Impossible Today

Say: Jesus does the impossible. Let’s talk about this in small groups.

In small groups, have leaders ask:

  • Jesus changed water into something much more valuable. What might Jesus want to change in you to help you face this problem? Invite small group leaders to share first.

Give small groups several minutes to discuss.

Say: Jesus may not always miraculously change the problems we face. But when we’re his friends, he changes our hearts and our minds to give us the strength and comfort we need to face tough stuff.

Even when situations feel impossible, Jesus does the impossible. Jesus truly cares about our problems.

Invite kids to pour their colored water back into the pitchers. As they do, remind each child, “Jesus does the impossible for you, [child’s name].”

This Bible Discovery excerpt comes from Simply Loved, a brand-new children’s ministry curriculum from Group. Simply Loved helps children’s ministry leaders get back to what matters most—helping kids love God and others! Click here to find out more and watch a fun music video!

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