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4 Ways Start the Children’s Ministry Year Off Right!

Enjoy this children’s ministry guest article from David C Cook.

Focusing on these four key areas as you ramp up for your children’s ministry kickoff will help you launch your most successful year yet!

Whether it’s back-to-school season or the beginning of a new calendar year, it’s time to kick things off right. For some of you, this brings tons of excitement. For others, you may just feel overwhelmed to launch into the new year. Take a deep breath! Focusing on these four key areas will help you launch your most successful year yet!

4 Ways to Start the Children’s Ministry Year Off Right

1. Environment

Remember as a kid going back to school and entering a new classroom? There was so much anticipation. It was even fun to peek into your old room to see what had changed. The same is true for our church classrooms. Look around your space with fresh eyes. What simple adjustments can be made? The smallest changes can help!

Take down old posters and tattered notices. Place any new ones in inexpensive frames. Organize any toys, removing the worn-out ones. Reduce the number of toys; your space will look cleaner and less cluttered. If you utilize worship response stations, look through Pinterest for new ideas to create a rotation of stations. Add safety glass mirrors to younger children’s rooms at their eye level. Mirrors brighten a space, and kids love to see themselves—so add some! If you have more time, paint an accent wall in a prominent area. Fresh paint always refreshes a space.  Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can do this.

2. Children’s Ministry Teams

Be open to new volunteers and new ways to serve as you form your teams. Many hear “teacher” when you ask for a volunteer, yet there are so many places to serve in children’s ministry—remind them of this when recruiting! If scheduling overwhelms you, ask a logistically-gifted person to help with it or to ensure volunteers have what they need during services. Invite outgoing people to serve as greeters to families or as check-in assistants. Some people love to organize; ask them to adopt a classroom to keep it in order throughout the year or organize that overflowing supply room that I know you have (don’t worry—we all have at least one)!

As you form your teams, engage with people directly. A personal conversation is going to be more effective than an email notice or handout. Tell them about the opportunity available rather than the huge need you have—people are more apt to join if they see a potential for growth. Let them use their key talents to serve and be sure to tap into their strengths. Throw a ministry team party so people get to know each other. Use this opportunity to cast your vision for the year and create excitement in your teams.

3. Parent Communication

Relationships with people are always going to be stronger than any program you run. Be available to interact with parents—share the lesson focus for the day, invite them to the next event, or just ask them what adventures their kids have been on lately. Publish your upcoming events, classes, and lesson schedule. Remind families to add them to their calendars. Use multiple forms of media to communicate: print-outs, announcements, personal invitations, emails, social media, the church website, texting, or even reach out through your church management software. Look at ways your families are already connecting digitally and meet them there.

4. Prayer, Above All Else

Remember that this is God’s church and these are his children and families. Ask him to show you where you can join the work he’s already started. As you do, may you be incredibly blessed as you step into your most successful ministry launch yet.

 Nancy Thompson is a ministry leader writing on behalf of David C Cook. For all your ministry needs visit and make a difference—around the corner and around the globe.

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One thought on “4 Ways Start the Children’s Ministry Year Off Right!

  1. hettie abimbola soriyan

    I hav been working as a children teacher in the church. I agree with all I read here.

    My challenge is dat we hav ABT 60chikdren in my new church, how do we distribute the children into classes. The age range is 1 to 16 years. Some parents believe once the children leave primary schools, even at age 9, they should be moved to the adult church.

    So I discussed with the pastor, and he said I shld give him a proposal for children class distribution in the church.

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