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4 Simple Bulletin Boards Ideas That Kids Can Create

These 4 bulletin board ideas are simple enough that kids in your class can help you create them. Kids will love being able to show their parents all the work they did to create a beautiful display.

Winter Bulletin Board Idea: Twinkling Praises

Use dark blue foil wrapping paper to cover the board. Run miniature white twinkle lights around the edge. Write, “Twinkling Praises” on a large star cut from silver paper and pin it near the top left corner. Place multicolored, gummed stars and small slips of paper in an envelope pinned to the bottom right corner.

At a special time each week, turn on the twinkling lights and invite kids to write their praises to God on slips of paper and stick them to the display with the gummed stars. As kids add their praises, the twinkling bulletin board will grow more bright and beautiful!

Spring Bulletin Board Idea: Friendship Flowers

Cover the board with green calico fabric. Have kids use brightly-colored chenille wire to form the words, “Friendship Flowers.” Then have them pin the words in an arch across the top of the board.

Have kids each write their name in the bottom of a paper muffin cup. Help kids pin the muffin cups all around the board, with the inside of the bottoms facing out. Have kids cut petal shapes from light green construction paper.

Tuck pins into one envelope and petal shapes into another. Pin the envelopes to a bottom corner. Each week invite kids to write simple affirmations such as “nice smile” or “good friend” and pin them around the appropriate person’s “flower.” Write affirmations for children who don’t have many petals. As the friendship flowers grow, so will love and good feelings among your kids!

Fall Bulletin Board Idea: Pile of Prayers

Cover the bulletin board with sky blue wrapping paper. Have kids cut leaf shapes from orange, red and yellow construction paper. Let younger kids cut simple leaf shapes while older kids cut maple-leaf shapes. Place the leaf shapes in a tiny basket and pin the basket to one corner of the bulletin board. Place straight pins in a small envelope and pin the envelope next to the basket.

Write, “Pile of Prayers” on a long strip of construction paper and pin it near the top of the bulletin board, tucking a few leaves behind it. On two smaller strips, print “Concerns” and “Praises.” Pin these strips near the bottom.

Invite kids to write prayer requests on the leaf shapes and pin them to the “Concerns” pile. Praises for answered prayer can be written on the reverse side of the “Concern” leaves, then added to the “Praises” pile. Everyone will enjoy watching the piles grow and change as the weeks go by!

Advent Bulletin Board Idea: Gifts for Jesus

Cover the entire bulletin board with shiny red or green foil wrapping paper. Cross the bulletin board with ribbons that meet in a big bow, so the board looks like a wrapped gift. Add a paper strip to title the display “Gifts for Jesus.”

Write out Matthew 25:40 on a white sheet of paper and pin it near one corner. Beneath the verse, pin an envelope full of self-stick Christmas gift tags. Each week invite kids to write on a gift tag one thing they’ll do to show Jesus’ love to “one of the least of these,” and then have them stick the tags to the bulletin board. Each week ask kids to tell about how they showed Jesus’ love during the previous week.

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4 Simple Bulletin Boards Ideas That K...

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