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Preschool Christmas Coloring Page: Visitors Worship Jesus

This preschool Christmas coloring page will help young kids worship Jesus as they create their own Christmas scene.

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

You’ll need:

Christmas Coloring Page

Beforehand, write children’s names on their coloring pages. Use scissors to cut the Christmas tree tinsel into small pieces. Set out the tinsel, scraps of fabric, star stickers, and glue.

Read Matthew 2:1-12 from a preschool-friendly Bible translation or Bible story book.

Then give each child a Christmas coloring page, and have kids use the crayons to color the page.

Show children the men in the picture and explain that the men probably wore purple or red clothing, which was a sign of wealth and honor. Encourage kids to glue a piece of red or purple fabric to each of the men in the picture.

Encourage kids to put a star sticker in the sky above the men. Tell the kids that the visitors heard about the birth of Jesus and the men wanted to find Jesus. God helped the men find Jesus by putting a star in the sky that helped guide the men to Jesus.

Point out the visitors’ gifts on this preschool Christmas coloring page. Explain that the men were so excited to see Jesus that they brought him wonderful and expensive gifts. One man brought gold. One man brought frankincense, and one man brought myrrh.

Encourage kids to glue a piece of tinsel onto one man’s gift and to dab a few drops of extract onto the other two gifts. Explain that one way we can worship God is to give him gifts. Tell children that one gift they can give Jesus is to worship him and spend time with him. God wants everyone to worship Jesus and get to know Jesus. Encourage children to show the “Visitors Worship Jesus” coloring page to their families as a reminder that everyone can worship Jesus.

Worshipping Jesus


  • How do you think the visitors felt when they gave their gifts to Jesus?
  • What gifts can you give Jesus?
  • How can you give Jesus a gift of worship?

Say: Even though the men were from very far away and they’d never seen Jesus before, God still wanted them to worship Jesus and get to know Jesus. God wants everyone in the whole world to know Jesus.

Pray: Jesus, we love you. We want to give you gifts every day. We are so glad that everyone in the world can worship and get to know you. Thanks for being our God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

This Bible lesson comes from Coloring Creations: 52 Creative Bible Lessons. For more preschool Bible lessons, check out these posts! You can also find all our Christmas ideas here.

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