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Get Kids into the Bible
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8 Tips to Get Kids Into the Bible

Want to get kids into the Bible? Who doesn’t?

Regardless of kids’ age or experience with the Bible, there are specific things you can do to give their Bible knowledge and interest a boost. Here are top tips from our experts.

  1. Get kid-friendly, age-appropriate Bibles in their hands—and make sure you have one in yours.
  2. Process biblical truth. Regularly ask kids: “What does this say about God?” and “What does this mean for you?”
  3. Equip parents to have everyday conversations about God and his Word with their kids by giving them examples, ideas, conversation starters, and discussion prompts.
  4. Love God and love your kids. Value God’s Word in your life by modeling your choices based on the Word of God.
  5. Check to see how the passages you’re learning fit into the bigger picture of the Bible. Is this before Jesus? What is God’s plan for Israel here? How does this event fit into the spread of the gospel around the world?
  6. Encourage a thirst for God’s Word in your children’s ministry, with your team members, with families, and with the children.
  7. Physically open the Bible whenever you’re teaching a lesson and in small groups.
  8. Discuss ways the Bible has affected your life—with kids, teachers, and parents.



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  1. Hi. The experiments and demonstrations that I have seen so far are great! I am interested in receiving more information about the magazine and it’s subscription benefits.

    How often would I receive the magazine if I subscribed? Monthly, quarterly, ?
    What is the doctrinal basis of the magazine and it’s lessons and Bible teaching?
    Are there any printable materials available with an annual subscription?

    I look forward to more information soon.

  2. Cross eng par

    this page is the best for me ever thank you for sharing with us

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8 Tips to Get Kids Into the Bible

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