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5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Ministry Volunteers

Need to come up with some cool and creative Christmas gifts for volunteers this year? With time ticking away, we’ve got your back! I thought I’d share with you some crafty creations my co-workers have made and shared with me. With some craft supplies and some do-it-yourself know-how, you’ll be ready to give cool gifts for every volunteer.

5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Volunteers


1. Hot Cocoa Snowmen

Got to love this one! The version on Pinterest uses baby food jars stacked on top of each other to create a cool hot cocoa container. My co-worker Ali used small square plastic containers and filled two with cocoa for a double dose of chocolatey goodness. She put two peppermints on the scarf as buttons. Super cool.


8a6c43fc727fc9f805d8ff99203e54ad2. Sock Snowman

Another snowman idea! Simple and full of personality, these snowman socks are fun to keep around any workspace. I’ve received one, and I’ve already used him as a paperweight, a cell phone holder, and glass cleaner (thanks to his soft fluffy hat).



3. Christmas Tree Button Ornament

Put a Christmas tree on your Christmas tree with this unique ornament! Using some buttons and some thin wire, you too can make this ornament that your volunteers won’t forget.


85ddf17d30917cabf111b90e0b21c79e4. Joy and Soap

Anyone who knows me understands that I love puns. So when I saw this, I knew I had to share it. Soap! What better gift to give someone who works with kids. Plus it shows you wish volunteers a Christmas season full of joy and soap.


115. Pinecone Christmas Tree

 A co-worker/friend made some awesome mini-Christmas trees out of pinecones. They are so cute and extra festive.  There some great ideas in here that will hopefully give you some ideas.

Check out all these Christmas ideas! And for even more ideas for your children’s ministry and daily posts of inspiration for you and your team, follow us on Facebook!

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5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Min...

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