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A group of preschoolers making a lost sheep craft.
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Preschool Craft: The Little Lost Sheep

Use this Little Lost Sheep craft, based on Matthew 18:12-14 and John 10:14, to help your preschoolers know they’re special to God, just like the single sheep in the parable of the Lost Sheep. 

Preschool Craft: The Little Lost Sheep

Say: Once there was a shepherd who had 100 sheep. He always took good care of his sheep. Every day, the shepherd took his sheep to eat grass from the pasture and drink water from the stream. Have preschoolers crawl on all fours, making sheep sounds. They can pretend to eat grass and drink water from a stream.

Every night, the shepherd counted his sheep as they went into the sheepfold. Call kids to an area of the room and count them out loud as each one comes over.

One night, the shepherd discovered that one of his sheep was missing. He left the other sheep to go look for it. Move around the room, pretending to search for a sheep.

Finally, the shepherd found his sheep. He pulled it from the bush and carried it home on his shoulders. Pretend to hoist a sheep onto your shoulders and rejoin the kids.

The shepherd was so happy that he’d found his sheep! He invited all his friends to come and celebrate with him. Jesus is like that good shepherd. He’ll take care of us and keep us safe, just like the shepherd took care of his sheep.

Read John 10:14.

Craft: Love Lambs


  • large sheet of paper
  • pen or marker
  • cotton balls (about 2 per person)
  • disposable bowl of glue

Say: Like lambs are precious to shepherds, you are special to Jesus! 

Ask: What’s something special about you? 

Draw a simple sheep shape on a sheet of paper. Set out cotton balls and a bowl containing a bit of glue. Hold up a cotton ball and complete the sentence, “You’re special because…” Tell something that’s special about each child, such as “You’re a good helper.” Then dip the cotton ball in glue, and stick it inside the sheep shape. Next, allow children to add cotton balls, telling what’s special about you and about each other. Continue until you have a fluffy reminder that you’re all God’s special sheep.

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3 thoughts on “Preschool Craft: The Little Lost Sheep

  1. Vicky G. Stringer

    In the 2020 Special Edition Magazine, it said to go to your site and download a pattern for sheet face and feet. I cannot find. Please help.

  2. Vicky G. Stringer

    Pattern for Sheep face and feet. Please help me find.

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Preschool Craft: The Little Lost Sheep

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