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4 Ways to Assure Parents of Their Child’s Safety at Church

Parents have had plenty of concerns during COVID, including concerns about their child’s safety at church. Which has left many churches wondering how to make parents comfortable about bringing their kids back. But it may not be has hard as you think. Based on a March study conducted by The Nielsen Company*, 62% of adults age 35-49 are optimistic or very optimistic about resuming normal activities during 2021.

And even more promising, of all the activities American adults (age 18-50+) are most eager to resume once COVID restrictions are lifted, they are most eager about attending religious services in person! With 75% of American adults ranking this as the #1 activity they are most eager to resume.

Here’s 4 ways you can be prepared and provide parents the extra assurance they may need…

1. Be prepared for the questions parents will ask about bringing kids back to church.

Send out a survey or reach out to parents one-on-one to find out what their safety concerns are. Then create a plan that addresses those concerns.

2. Communicate well and communicate often.

Once you have a plan in place for how you’ll keep kids safe, communicate this back to parents in any way possible. Announcements during service, emails, mailings, social media, and phone calls are all great ways to make sure parents get word of your plans. Assuring parents you take child safety at church seriously, the more comfortable they’ll be about returning.

3. Be fearless and patient.

You’ve seen the stats—adults are ready to come back to your church. So try not to let fear cripple your ability to move forward. Pray without ceasing and then be patient. Families will return to church on their own timeline. God has a plan for you and the families you serve.

4. Plan a fun, informal outdoor family event with music, games, and other fun activities.

Be sure to implement all the same safety precautions you plan to take when they come back to the church building, at your event. This will give parents reassurance that their kids will be safe and help them to feel at ease about returning.

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*The Nielsen Total Audience Report, March 2021

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4 Ways to Assure Parents of Their Chi...

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