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Keep Kids Safe at Your VBS Safe
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How to Keep Kids Safe At Your Summer Ministry Programs

Assure families coming to programs like summer camp, vacation Bible school, and Sunday school that you have COVID-19 precautions in place to keep kids safe.

We know that safety is always a priority when it comes to the kids in your care. You’re used to stocking those first-aid kits, background-checking every volunteer, triple-checking every registration form for allergies, and making sure kids stay safe while they’re attending one of your activities. But being “COVID-safe” adds a new level of safety regulations to consider. To take some of the guesswork out of this new responsibility, we’ve come up with a checklist of ideas for how you can create safe and healthy spaces that gives families the added assurances they need during this uncertain time.

8 Tips to Keep Kids Safe

As always, please follow CDC and local guidelines as you plan your events.

  • Use pool noodles (we know you have them) or colorful beach towels as markers to help kids remember to keep appropriately distanced.
  • Have kids bring their own water bottles, labeled with their names.
  • Create a “Sanitization Squad.” This clean-loving crew can be responsible for sanitizing areas as kids rotate in and out.
  • Place hand sanitizer at every station or in every room. If you have small groups, create small bags for each small group leader with travel-size hand sanitizer in each bag.
  • Use prepackaged snack items.
  • If masks are required in your area, keep a stash on hand in case a kid (or leader) forgets one.
  • Get creative with new friend-making routines. Rather than hugs and high-fives, let kids come up with goofy, clever ways to say hello…without getting close to each other. Air-fives, funny faces, and chicken dances are all welcomed!
  • Ask others for their ideas. It’s been a long year and schools, day cares, and other child-friendly spaces have come up with lots of unique unique ways to keep kids safe, distant, and healthy. Brainstorm with a few teachers or child-care workers (and even parents) to see what they’ve learned and implemented.

More Safety Pointers

Watch this webinar for great insights from veteran kidmin leaders, “How to Keep Calm and Sunday School On.”

Need a source for fun, kid-friendly masks? Check these out!

Looking for reliable and affordable background checks? Check out Shepherd’s Watch

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How to Keep Kids Safe At Your Summer ...

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