Fantastic Follow-Up for Children’s Ministry Events


Here’s how to follow up with guests at your outreach event–to get them to return.

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Outreach events can be a lot of work, but they’re worth it when done right. Children’s ministers agree that it’s great to have lots of people attend. But if it doesn’t result in new children and families returning to your church, is it really worth the time?

People returning to your church after an outreach event isn’t a given. At Christian Life Center in Portland, Oregon, Pastor Werner Rienas states that “20 percent of those who visit a church visit again, another 20 percent will never return-no matter what follow-up is done. However, 60 percent of guests need nurture and follow-up if they are to return.” We want your outreach events to be wildly successful-and we want your church to grow! So we beat the bushes to discover the five key steps to a fantastic follow-up strategy. Follow our step-by-step guide with proven ideas to get first-time guests to return to your church.

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