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Got Prayer?


This family-ministry event equips families to pray together, and
it helps make parents aware of their call to weave prayer into the
fabric of their family’s everyday life.

Time: About three hours

Details: You’ll need a large activity area,
prayer resources parents can take home, a comfortable area for
discussion, breakfast for your attendees, and various materials for
the prayer stations. You’ll also need several volunteers to help
families experience the stations.

The Event: We kick off this Saturday-morning
event with a prayer of thanks led by our pastor and breakfast for
everyone. Then we have kids move to one section of the room where
they do crafts, activities, and games related to prayer.

While the kids are learning about prayer, we have a pastor from
another church talk with parents about how and why to pray for
their children. The pastor leads parents in experiential activities
to help them learn about prayer and about the difference it makes
in our lives. We give parents a chance to ask questions and also to
experience a variety of prayers.

Before the event, we collect prayer resources for parents, such
as helpful articles (with reprint permission), samples of Christian
parenting periodicals, our own tip sheet with appropriate
Scriptures, and a booklet of ideas they can use. Parents are always
interested and curious, and they willingly talk about their
frustrations, fears, and joys when praying with their children.

For the second half of the event, we invite families to visit
our developmentally appropriate prayer stations. Each station is
for a specific age group and has instructions to guide the
families’ prayer time. Here’s a sampling of our ideas.

Ages Birth to 2-We placed items on the floor toddlers
could relate to, such as a large bandage, a photograph of a family,
and a stuffed animal. We had parents use each item to prompt a
prayer of thanks for things such as love, fixed boo-boos, family,
and pets.

Ages 3 to 5-We created a “church” using cardboard
boxes. Families crawled inside and wrote or drew their prayers on
the walls of the cardboard box. Then the entire family discussed
their prayers and closed by praying for each other.

Ages 6 to 9-We placed fire trucks and police cars on
the floor. As kids played with the trucks, they said prayers for
the special people who help protect us.

Ages 10 to 12-We set up a television playing nonstop
news and placed newspapers on the floor. Kids and parents looked
through the papers and chose a news item to pray about.

Overall, we had at least 10 stations. Families were welcome to
visit as many as they liked.

This event has been a great success. It’s very moving to see
moms, dads, and kids bowing together before God. Many parents tell
us this event has helped ease their fears of praying with their

Leslie Roach
Lubbock, Texas


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