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Preschool Craft: Jesus Forgives Us

In this craft, preschoolers discover God’s love as they explore how Jesus forgives us and erases our sin.

Scripture: John 8:1-11


  • “Jesus Forgives Board” handout (1 copy per child)
  • construction paper in a variety of colors
  • transparency sheets or plastic sleeve protectors (1/2 sheet per child)
  • stickers, foam shapes, colorful pompoms, or other craft supplies
  • transparent tape
  • Glue Dots
  • washable markers
  • wet wipes

Easy Prep

  • Cut the transparency sheets or plastic sleeve protectors in half horizontally so that each child will have half a sheet.
  • Cut a few sheets of construction paper into 1×8-inch strips so each child can have about 4 strips.
  • Make a sample craft to show kids.

Jesus Erases Our Sins

Say: Jesus forgives us. We all make bad choices and do wrong things, and bad choices and wrong things are called sin. Draw a sad face on your sample craft using a washable marker. But when we ask Jesus to forgive us for bad choices we make, it’s like he erases our sins! Use a wet wipe to wipe away the sad face you drew. They disappear! Our craft will help us remember that Jesus forgives us.

Make Dry-Erase Boards

Give each child a “Jesus Forgives Board” handout, and read the sentence on the handout for kids.

Give kids each half a transparency, and have them use tape to attach it to the handout.

Then children can use tape or Glue Dots to add strips of construction paper around the clear sheet to make a colorful border.

Once children have added their borders, let them decorate the construction-paper frames using the craft supplies and Glue Dots.

Jesus Forgives Us

While children work, talk about how they are adding fun, bright, happy decorations to their boards. Then talk about how we can feel knowing that Jesus forgives us — happy, full of God’s joy, and so on.

Once kids have finished, let them color on the erasable portion of the boards with washable markers. Give them wet wipes so they can erase their pictures when they are done, like Jesus erases our sins.

This craft comes from Makerific WOWS!: 54 Surprising Bible Crafts (ages 3-7). In this resource, you’ll find Bible-based crafts (pulled from the popular DIG IN Sunday school curriculum) to supplement your lessons. You can also find this book for ages 8-12!

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Preschool Craft: Jesus Forgives Us

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