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Springtime Craft: God Creates the World

Consider using this easy, printable craft in the spring to teach kids about God’s creation as they create their own masterpieces!

Scripture: Genesis 1:1–2:22

You’ll need:

Easy prep:

Write children’s names on their pages. Cut black construction paper into small pieces (approximately ½ x ½-inch); provide enough for each child to thinly cover this or her picture.

God Creates the World

Craft the Pictures

Give each child a “God Creates the World” activity page. Ask children to look at the picture and name some things God created.

Have children put a small dot of glue on several of the giraffe’s spots, then help children sprinkle a thin layer of the black paper scraps over their pictures to make them dark. Remind kids that before God made everything, the world did not exist, and all was dark and black.

Ask children to place their hands on their pictures and press down firmly as they say the Scripture verse together. Explain how God spoke, and the world was created. Let children shake off loose scraps of paper from their pages until the only scraps remaining are pieces stuck onto the spots of the giraffe.

After children have colored the pictures, have each child choose yarn the color of his or her hair and glue the yarn over Adam’s and Eve’s hair.

If time allows, encourage children to glue small silk leaves and flowers on their pictures. Encourage children to show the activity page to their families and thank God for his wonderful creation.

Discuss Kids’ Creations

Open your Bible and read the Scripture. Consider reading the story of Creation from a children’s story book, such as My First Hands-On Bible or Friends With God Story Bible.


  • What are some of your favorite things that God created?
  • How can you thank God for creating the world?

Say: Our God is the great Creator, and we can praise God for all he has made. We can enjoy things God has made: We can play outside, we can drink cool water, and we can spend time with our families and friends. God made all those things, and it makes God happy when we are enjoying his creations. Let’s thank God for all the wonderful things he made!

Pray: Lord, you are a great God who makes wonderful things. Thank you for creating me and everything my eyes can see. In Jesus’ name, amen.

This children’s activity comes from Coloring Creations: 52 Creative Bible Lessons. In this resource, you’ll find reproducible coloring pages that correspond with a relevant Bible story and Scripture verse. For more children’s crafts, check out these posts!

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Springtime Craft: God Creates the World

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