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God's Word the Seed
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God’s Word the Seed

Use this children’s message “God’s Word the Seed” to help children see that planting seeds of faith will help their faith grow.

Preparation: You’ll need a large pumpkin and a New Testament sealed in a Ziploc bag, a knife, plastic gloves, a bowl, and paper towels.

To begin this object lesson, cut a small slot in the side of the pumpkin, preserving the piece so you can put it back in the pumpkin. Place the Bible inside the pumpkin. Then replace the piece in the pumpkin and keep it turned away from children.

The Message:

Ask: What’s on the inside of this pumpkin? What are seeds used for?

Cut open the pumpkin from the top. Dig out all the seeds and place them in a bowl. Pause and tell the children that you see one more rather unusual seed inside the pumpkin. Show children the Bible and take it out of the bag.

Then read aloud Luke 8:4-15.


  • How is the Bible like a seed?
  • How do we “plant” the Bible?
  • Where does God want us to plant the seeds of His Word?

Close in prayer, asking God to help children to plant God’s Word the seed in their hearts.


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God’s Word the Seed

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