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Three elementary-aged girls are all wearing pink as they participate in an object lesson.
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Early Elementary Valentine’s Day Object Lesson

This Valentine’s Day object lesson is a sweet (and simple!) way to show early elementary children the depth of God’s love.

Theme: Valentine’s Day

Text: 1 John 3:18

You’ll need:

  • heart-shaped candies

Early Elementary Valentine’s Day Object Lesson


  • What special things do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Give each child a candy and say: Turn to a partner and tell that person the message on your candy. Give kid’s a chance to share and then say: It’s great to give each other special messages, but the Bible talks about another way we can show love to each other.

Read the Scripture.


  • What does this verse say to do to show our love?
  • How can we show love with our actions?
  • Who could you show love to this week?

Say: Let’s practice loving actions right now. Here are two heart-shaped candies for each of you.

Pass out the candies and say: Give one of your candies to someone else, then give that person a hug and say, “Jesus loves you.” Keep your other candy to remind you to show love to people this week. Close in prayer.

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2 thoughts on “Early Elementary Valentine’s Day Object Lesson

  1. Dulce Lopez

    Hi, I love this idea for Valentine ‘s day, however a question came up in my mind. If children are to give one of their candies to somebody else, I’m wondering what to do with children who receive no candy. I would love to do this but I am nervous that some kids might not get candy from any of their peers and they will feel rejected. The teacher could give them candy but I doubt it will erase the feeling of being rejected by their peers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


      Hi Dulce! We can see why that might be a concern. Like you said, you could always have the teacher or helpers participate to make sure every child gets to participate. You can also have them turn to the partner they were working with to answer questions and share their candy with that person.

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