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25 Thanksgiving Ideas for Sunday School

Enjoy these 25 Thanksgiving ideas for Sunday school from Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

It’s the time of year to give thanks to our great God! We’re so thankful for children’s ministers and Sunday school teachers who give, and give all year long! So we’re thrilled to give our best Thanksgiving ideas for Sunday school to you! You’ll find Bible games, snacks, children’s messages, Sunday school lessons, and more that you can use in your ministry — or at home– to help kids grow closer to God as they learn to express their thanks to him.

11 Thanksgiving Activities for Sunday School and Home

  1. Bible Game: Give Thanks This is like a game of Hot Potato with a twist as kids say things they’re thankful for.
  2. Thanksgiving Bingo This preteen game with spark a discussion on thankfulness. Plus, a free Bingo template.
  3. Song: Five Little Pilgrims Preschoolers will enjoy this Thanksgiving song: Five Little Pilgrims with motions, sung to the tune of “Five Little Ducks.”
  4. Thanksgiving Idea: Tree of Thanks This is a great Thanksgiving tradition for families to start at home.
  5. Turkey Cookies The children in your class or at home will love making–and eating–these Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies.
  6. Thanksgiving Wall Your church family will celebrate God’s blessings with this special Wall of Thanksgiving craft, created especially by children.
  7. 4 Free Thanksgiving Printables Check out this printable bread wrapper, Thanksgiving feast invitation, Thanksgiving dinner utensil holder, and Thanksgiving Bingo.
  8. Thanksgiving Countdown A fun game for families to play the week before Thanksgiving.

4 Thanksgiving Ideas for Sunday School: Children’s Messages

  1. 5 Kernels: The Meaning of Thanksgiving This fun-filled addition for your Thanksgiving-themed Sunday school lessons is a sweet way to teach kids the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
  2. Cornucopia of Thanks This children’s message is good for big church or any class.
  3. Thankful Fun with a balloon turns into a message on thankfulness.
  4. Thanksgiving Idea: Food Harvest Show kids that we can rely on God to provide for all of our needs.

4 Thanksgiving Crafts for Sunday School

  1. Cornucopia Blessings Craft An easy craft for little ones from a twisted paper grocery bag.
  2. Thankful Wheels Craft Toddlers can take this Thanksgiving craft home to their families.
  3. Thanksgiving Placemats Children of all ages can make Thanksgiving placemats for their families and others in your church to enjoy and cherish.
  4. Thanksgiving Table Dressings Kids can make these for your church’s Thanksgiving celebration.

6 Thanksgiving Sunday School Lessons

  1. Preschool Lesson: Thanksgiving
  2. Preschool Lesson: Thanksgiving
  3. Early Elementary Lesson: Thanksgiving
  4. Elementary Lesson: Thanksgiving
  5. Preteen Lesson: Thanksgiving
  6. Preteen Lesson: Thanksgiving


Want more ideas for Thanksgiving? Look at these ideas! And for even more ideas for your children’s ministry and daily posts of inspiration for you and your team, follow us on Facebook!

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25 Thanksgiving Ideas for Sunday School

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