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It’s Time to Talk About Race in Children’s Ministry: Webinar and Resources

The conversation on race and children’s ministry is just beginning. 

Before you dive into these resources, watch this previously recorded “Time to Talk About Race in Children’s Ministry” Webinar below.

This important discussion surrounds how to talk about race in your children’s ministry. Moderated by Henry Zonio, you’ll hear from a panel of KidMin veterans including Kathie Phillips, Keedren Boston, Mahogany Dudley-Finley and Ricardo Miller.


Our prayer is that you’ll take the information you learn in this important webinar and keep exploring, continue talking, and continue connecting. So, we’ve gathered a trove of information here to assist you in your journey.


This self-test allows you to better assess your personal blind spots and hidden biases. It’s also a great tool to use for yourself or with a team to spark discussion.

Harvard’s Project Implicit Bias Self-Test

Articles on Race

Want to dig deeper into each topic as it relates to self-awareness, bias, discrimination, and prevention in teams and with children? Then look at these articles.

Racism and the Role of the Children’s Ministry Leader (

Test Yourself for Hidden Bias (

Checking Your Blind Spot (

How to Check Your Unconscious Biases (

Looking for Excellent “Diverse” Books for Children? Start Here. (

10 Things Your Ministry Can Do to Help Stop Racism Before It Starts (

Breaking the Cycle of Racism in the Classroom (

What This Pastor Observed at the Atlanta Riot (

6 Truths the Church Should Understand About Gen Z and Racial Justice (Lifeway)

Books and Resources About Race

Looking for a much deeper dive into understanding the reality of racism, its roots, and its impacts while exploring how we can change? Then check out these books.

White Awake by Daniel Hill

Disunity in Christ by Christena Cleveland

Embrace by Leroy Barber

Trouble I’ve Seen by Drew Hart

The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby

The First R by Debra Van Ausdale and Joe Feagin

Beyond the Golden Rule (

Bridging Theory and Practice in Children’s Spirituality (Zondervan)

Unity in Diversity / Psalm 133 (McClean Bible Church)

Children’s Resources

These books are a great way to encourage children to open up and talk about things they experience and witness.

God Made Me and You: Celebrating God’s Design for Ethnic Diversity by Shai Linne

ColorFull: Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us by Doreena Williamson

God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell

The Gospel in Color by Curtis Woods and Jarvis Williams (kids and parents versions available)

Discussions About Race With Children

These resources support adults while they seek dialogue with children about race.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking to Your Kids About Racism (

Talking to Kids About Racism by Age (

Talking About Race (National Museum of African American History and Culture)

Sesame Street Town Hall on Racism (

Talking to Kids About Race (National Geographic)

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Talk About Race in Children’s Ministry: Webinar and Resources

  1. Aimee Tuszynski

    I have been looking for realistic pictures of Jesus as he lived and taught. The closest I could find with darker skin tones are beautiful ancient icons, but these tend to have halos and other artistic elements that are lovely, but designed to depict holiness rather than accuracy. Are there any plans at Group to develop a more racially accurate Jesus to show kids? I would gladly purchase quality pictures for use in our ministry.

  2. I appreciate this ministry!

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