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Online children's ministry
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Why Online Children’s Ministry Is Important for Children With Special Needs

Here’s why online children’s ministry is a brand-new opportunity to minister to children and families living with special needs. 

When COVID hit, churches had to adapt and make adjustments in their services. Among the various adjustments, a common one was including an online ministry approach. And while it has produced its share of headaches, online ministry to children has also produced some amazing opportunities.

Not surprisingly, the online effort has had a wonderfully positive impact on many children and families living with disabilities. Entire segments of communities that have otherwise felt isolated and, at times, found a church building overwhelming, finally have equal access to their church families. That’s a powerful thing to experience!

Although many churches have resumed regular programming, we are wise to remember that for many children with special needs or with compromised immune systems, coming back to church is still challenging. As a matter of fact, there may be typical children who are unable to return to church due to a family member’s compromised health. My family is one of those families, as my youngest daughter is immunocompromised. School and church may still be out of the question for us.

What to Consider for Effective Online Children’s Ministry

Parents of children with disabilities have been asking for churches to offer online ministry for a long time. It’s sad that it took a global pandemic for churches to offer this type of ministry. I wonder how many churches would have seamlessly transitioned to online ministries if the foundation had already been set in place.

As we continue to navigate a new normal, it would be beneficial for us to consider that how we do ministry is no longer an either/or (either ministry at the church building or ministry online). We have now moved to a both/and model (we do ministry in person and we do ministry online).

The encouraging point to remember is that we now have awareness of the need—and we know it extends beyond disability. The challenge now will be to incorporate both models of ministry, but it can be done.

Continuing live streaming of services is the minimum (even better if you caption your videos). But finding ways to connect the children who are unable to attend in person is key.

I’m excited that, for the first time in the history of church, all children can have the opportunity to be included thanks to technology.

5 Things Your Church Can Do to Provide Inclusive Online Children’s Ministry

At my church, we’ve been dreaming of what a robust online ministry can look like moving forward. We hope to begin rolling out some of the following strategies.

1. Acknowledge not everyone is in the building.

Keep the children engaged online present and real to those who are in the building. This is as simple as, “Some of our friends are with us online, so let’s say hi to them.” If you know who’s watching online, a mention may be exciting: “Nia couldn’t be with us today, but she’s watching online. Isn’t it exciting she’s able to be with us?”

2. Create small groups online.

Chances are, not all kids will be returning. Creating small groups helps connect all kids. Using Zoom or Google Hangouts allows kids to join in from their home.

3. Develop prayer partners or mentors.

This is perhaps my favorite online ministry model: the one-on-one connection! My youngest daughter with Down syndrome has loved meeting with her teachers one-on-one via Zoom. That check-in and 15 to 30 minutes of connection makes a huge difference. She has thrived this way. Not surprisingly, there are people who typically wouldn’t engage face-to-face who have found this type of volunteering to be something they can do.

4. Provide lesson notes.

Make your lessons more accessible by providing “notes.” This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking; it can be as concise as bullet points with pictures.

5. Get active on your Facebook page.

People hang out on Facebook. Create a page to connect the parents of the kids who are staying home longer. Provide resources, post videos, and do live videos to encourage kids. Include them in what’s happening inside the church building and work on creating a sense of community for on- and off-site families.

Finally, remember: As kids continue returning to church, it may look different. Some people may still wear masks, children’s services may be paused, and kids may have to be in the sanctuary with the adults or sit in newly configured ways. Create a visual story or social story to explain to kids why church looks different.

Recommended Resources

Kid in Story is an app that helps you create visual stories for all learners. It was designed with disabled children in mind. The app has pre-made templates, or you can create your own. It also allows you to record your voice to tell the story. The best part of the app is that you can use pictures of the kids to make a social story just for them.


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Ellen Stumbo is the director of Disability Matters, where she encourages every church to embrace disability.

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