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Children’s Ministry Summertime Game: Creation Race

In this outdoor summertime game, kids discover the story of Creation as they get creative in this fun relay race.

You’ll need:

  • photocopy of instructions for each team
  • miscellaneous props, including drinking water

Summertime Game: Creation Race

Set Up

Venture outside with kids, bringing the miscellaneous props with you. For this summertime game, form two teams and designate a goal line. Give each team a photocopy of the following instructions. Explain that a different person in each team should perform each step. Encourage kids to be creative in finding props, such as a hat pulled over the eyes for the blindfold.


  1. Lead a blindfolded person to the goal line to represent night. At the goal line, have the person remove his or her blindfold to represent day and return to your starting place.
  2. Carry a small container of water to the goal line, drink it, and run back to represent water and sky.
  3. Carry a handful of dirt to the goal line to represent the earth. Make a small hill with it and then return.
  4. Carry a small stick to the goal line. Draw a sun, moon, and star in the dirt to represent the lights.
  5. With two pieces of paper, make a bird to represent flying creatures. Carry the bird to the goal line, leave it, and return.
  6. Using small sticks, make a human figure to represent humankind. Carry the figure to the goal line, leave it, and return.
  7. All teammates run to the goal line and sit in a circle.

For Extra Impact

  • Ask kids: How easy or difficult was it to be creative and find the props you needed for the game? Explain. Why did God make us creative?
  • Read aloud Genesis 1:27, and ask kids: What does it mean to be created in God’s image?

Bonus Idea!

Have kids make this Creation Snack Mix. As they eat the treat, read aloud Genesis 1-2:2. (Be mindful of allergies.)

Another Bonus Idea!

Get kids moving and grooving with this “Made for This” music video. It’s the perfect way to celebrate God-given creativity!

This summertime game comes from The Best of Children’s Ministry Magazine: Games. In this resource, you’ll find fun and Bible-based games you can use to for your next event, to fill in gaps in your curriculum, or as an instant resource when you need an instant game! For even more game ideas, check out these posts!

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