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Belly Laugh Game

This silly game called “Belly Laugh” reminds kids that God loves a joyful heart.


Bible Connect: Psalm 9:2; Psalm 28:7

Play: Have one child lie on his or her back. Then have another child lie with his or her head on the other child’s belly. Have the remaining kids lie down with their heads resting on another child’s belly.

Choose one person to start the game by shouting, “Ha!” The next person will shout, “Ha, ha!” and each child continues to add a “ha” as they work around the group. Sooner or later the group will burst into laughter, with heads bouncing off bellies with joy.

Cool Down: Let kids take turns telling a funny story or joke. Tell kids that God wants us to experience joy every day through fun and laughter.

Laughter IS Good Medicine

Research shows that laughter plays an important role in both physical and mental health. Laughter releases endorphins, chemicals in your body that produce an overall feel-good sensation. Families that laugh together feel closer to each other and overcome disagreements and frustrations faster. Use these ideas to have some belly-rolling laughter and fun as a family.

  • Act silly. Tell goofy stories about make-believe characters. Let kids tell stories, too.
  • Joke around. Kids love to tell jokes, so let them share their latest after dinner or on trips to sports practice or music rehearsals.
  • Shake up the routine. Make usual routines unusual, such as eating dessert first at dinner or watching TV upside down.
  • Supply comic relief. Wake your kids for school in a zany costume, or play a game after dinner that’s sure to result in laughter.


Excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine. Sign up now for a free issue!


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Belly Laugh Game

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