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An elementary-aged boy excitedly participates in the Fruit of the Spirit lesson.
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Elementary Object Lesson: The Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)

This creative object lesson helps kids understand the importance of recognizing and using the gifts that are the Fruit of the Spirit.

You’ll need:

  • Bibles
  • newsprint
  • tape
  • markers
  • index cards
  • pencils
  • several concordances or access to a Bible website, like

Before the children arrive, tape the newsprint to the wall to create a large mural. On the mural draw a tree with roots. Also, draw nine pieces of fruit in the tree, and write one of the fruits of the spirit on each piece of fruit. At the top of the mural, write the verse.

Elementary Object Lesson: The Fruit of the Spirit

Gather the children and say: Today we’re going to learn a verse about fruit. To do that we’ll think like orchard farmers. Sometimes orchards produce good crops, and sometimes orchards produce bad crops. Have the children refer to what you’ve drawn below ground and above ground to answer the following questions.


  • What conditions affect the crop above ground and below ground?
  • If we want our orchard to grow the crops I have written on the pieces of fruit, what would the conditions need to be like in our lives?

Say: A crop is the result of the farmer’s work plus the state of the environment. Let’s do some investigating about what the Bible says about these fruits and how to grow a good crop of them.

Hand out the index cards and pencils. Form as many groups as you have concordances. Then divide up the fruits of the Spirit among the groups. Have each group look up their “fruits” in the concordance (or use the search bar of the Bible website) and then look up the verses in the Bible to see what the Bible teaches about developing the fruits of the Spirit. Then have the children write on the cards what they learn about growing a good crop of spiritual fruit.

Give the children several minutes to work. Make sure to periodically get the children’s attention and call out, “And the fruit of the Spirit is…” and have the groups call out in the order of Galatians 5:22-23 the fruits they’ve been assigned. For example, if Group 1 has been assigned “love” and “joy” and Group 2 has been assigned “patience” and “kindness,” Group 1 will call out its words, and then Group 2 will call out its words.

After several minutes of work, have each group report to the entire class what they’ve learned. Then let groups post their cards on the mural next to their group’s fruits. After each group reports, have the entire class recite the verse.

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Elementary Object Lesson: The Fruit o...

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