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Object Lesson: The Great Separation

Use this object lesson to teach elementary kids that Jesus will return to separate those who love him from those who don’t.


For this object lesson you’ll need:

  • two clear, plastic cups;
  • one needle;
  • 6-pound, clear fishing line;
  • and two small packages of craft beads (you’ll need two colors that sharply contrast).

In the bottom of one cup, poke small holes that are large enough for the fishing line to pass through. Cut four 12-inch lengths of fishing line. Insert each end of the line into separate holes in the cup with equal lengths of fishing line coming through each hole. Tie a knot in the string. Repeat until there’s a fishing line running through each hole.

Next, thread one color of beads onto each strand of fishing line inside the cup. Tie a knot at the end of each strand making sure the length of the strand doesn’t extend beyond the cup’s mouth. Remove any excess fishing line. Place the other color of beads in the other cup.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

Object Lesson: The Great Separation

Hold up both cups of beads.

As you tell the story of the enemy sowing bad seed with the good seed from Matthew 13:24-30, pour the one shade of beads into the cup containing the other beads. Continue telling the story while shaking the cup that now contains both colors.

Move both cups behind your back and keep them hidden as you pour the loose beads back into their original cup. Of course, the beads beads stay in their cup because they’re connected by the fishing line.

Say: One day Jesus will return to separate the the people who love him from the people who don’t…the Christians from the non-Christians. We don’t know when that’ll be.

When you bring both cups from behind your back, the beads have “amazingly” been separated.

Dean Stone currently owns and directs Cornerstone Kids’ Ranch with his wife. He is also the former executive director of the International Network of Children’s Ministry.

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One thought on “Object Lesson: The Great Separation

  1. This website is very uusfel, when trying to relate to your students, in knowing what they go through and face everyday. Thank you guys so much for all you do. Looking forward to more blogs! God Bless

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Object Lesson: The Great Separation

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