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Two preschool children participating in on of the preschool love-based activities.
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3 Preschool Valentine’s Activities for Your Children’s Ministry

These love-centered activities are perfect for Valentine’s Day or an everyday lesson about God’s love.

3 Preschool Love-Based Activities for Your Children’s Ministry

The Mustard Seed

Use this action rhyme with preschoolers to teach them how a tiny mustard seed grows like our faith.

You’ll need:

  • a Bible and
  • real mustard seeds.

Show children the words in Matthew 13:31, and tell them the Bible is God’s special book. Read the passage and show children real mustard seeds. Then do this action rhyme together.

A mustard seed starts very small. (squat or bend down low, hand out, palm down)

It grows and grows—very tall! (rise up, hand out, palm down, reach up high)

Faith is like a mustard seed, (point to “seed” in palm of hand)

A tiny little mustard seed. (pick up/hold up “seed” with thumb and pointer pinched together)

It starts out small (squat or bend down low, hand out, palm down)

But grows up tall. (rise up slowly, hand out, palm down)

It grows and grows, like a tree! (hands out, palms inward to show width)

And in that tree, you can see (hand over eyes, palm down)

Birds perching all day long; (point to “birds”)

And you can hear their sweet, sweet song! (hand to ear)

I hope your faith is like a seed (point to someone)

That grows and grows, like a weed. (hand out, palm down, reach up high)

Amy Houts
Maryville, Missouri

Everything in Love

This heart craft lets children reflect on the people they love and remember to do all things in love.

You’ll need:

  • one piece of white construction paper per child,
  • one large, pre-cut tissue-paper heart per child,
  • markers,
  • crayons, and
  • glue sticks.

Encourage preschoolers to think about the people they love. Have them draw on their construction paper a few things they like to do with those people, such as playing with their friends or being with their families. Allow time for children to draw a few different activities on the paper. Then help them write simple words describing the activities, such as “play” and “bedtime stories.”

Say a prayer with preschoolers to thank God for the people they love. Remind them that God tells us to show love in all our actions—like when we’re with the people we love. Help children glue the top of the tissue-paper hearts over the drawings to create a “flap” as a reminder of the love that covers their lives.

Krista Heinen 
New Berlin, Wisconsin

Love Banana Bites

Older preschoolers will devour these tasty treats as you celebrate God’s love.

An image of the vanilla wafer banana snack from the Love-Based preschool activities list. It is sitting on a yellow plate.You’ll need:

  • paper plates,
  • Nilla Wafer cookies,
  • sliced bananas,
  • sliced strawberries,
  • canned whipped cream, and
  • mini chocolate chips.

Say: God made each one of us special because he loves us. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love. But we can celebrate love every day. Let’s celebrate by saying things we love about our friends and families. Start by saying things you love about the kids as a group; then allow time for preschoolers to describe the people they love.

Say: Great job! Let’s celebrate by making banana bites! Have kids clean their hands. Help children assemble their bites in this order: Nilla Wafer cookie, banana slice, strawberry slice, whipped cream, mini chocolate chip. Encourage kids to each make one banana bite to eat and one to share with someone they love.

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One thought on “3 Preschool Valentine’s Activities for Your Children’s Ministry

  1. At our church, we are love first. The Everything in Love craft is SO AMAZING! I love the visual that accompanies the story with it. We will be using this now and often. Thank you for sharing!!

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