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Easter Object Lesson for Preschoolers: Wobbly Eggs

From DIG IN Sunday school curriculum, this Easter object lesson encourages preschoolers to experiment with plastic Easter eggs as they discover how Jesus came back to life.

You’ll need:

  • plastic eggs (1 per child)
  • play dough (enough for each child to have about a 1-inch ball)
  • stickers (optional)

Teacher tip:

If you don’t plan to reuse the eggs or play dough, use a permanent marker to write kids’ names on the outside so they can take their wobbly eggs home. Additionally, kids can add stickers to the outside of the eggs.

Easter Object Lesson for Preschoolers

Wobbly Eggs

Give each child a plastic egg.

Say: Can you make your egg stand up? Encourage kids to try to make the eggs stand without falling over. It’s not working! I have an idea that will help.

Give kids each a 1-inch ball of play dough, and help them open their eggs and put the dough in the bottom. Have kids press down on the dough so it’s snug and secure in the bottom of the egg.

Say: Let’s try again. Now see if you can make your egg stand up. The weight from the play dough will make the eggs stand up. Encourage kids to push over their eggs and see what happens. They should spring back up again.

Say: On the count of three, let’s all push over our eggs. One…two…three! Pause. Wow, our eggs came back up again! What if we hold them down on their sides and count to three? Do you think they will stay down? Let’s try it!

Have kids hold down their eggs as everyone counts to three again. They will come back up again. Encourage kids to keep playing with their eggs, pressing the dough back down if needed.

Jesus Came Back to Life

Say: Even when we held down the eggs, they still came back up after we let go.


  • What other toys come back?

Share examples like a bouncy ball thrown against a wall that comes back or a toy car that winds up and moves backward and forward again.

Say: At Easter time, we hear about how Jesus died. He was put in a tomb, and then he came back to life. His friends were sad when he died, but they didn’t stay sad for long. Jesus came back to life so we can live forever just like he said he would. Jesus loves us and wants to be our forever friend.

This object lesson comes from DIG IN Sunday school curriculum. You can find this activity in the Bible in One Year program, which includes lessons for Easter, Palm Sunday, and Christmas! For even more Easter ideas, check out these posts.

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