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Preschool Craft: Pine Cone Bird Feeders

In this craft, preschoolers will make bird feeders as they learn about God’s love for them.

Scripture: Luke 12:24

Pine Cone Bird Feeders make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other relatives. Don’t wait for a special holiday or event—just give them as gifts of love!

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

You’ll need:
  • pine cones
  • peanut butter
  • craft sticks
  • birdseed
  • string or yarn
  • pie pans
  • small plastic bags
  • damp washcloths
  • Be mindful of peanut allergies. You could use vegetable shortening or sunflower seed butter instead!
  • If pine cones are not available, use bread. Poke a small hole through the corner of a fresh slice of bread, allow it to dry, then loop string through the hole. Then spread the bread with peanut butter and press it in birdseed.

How to Make the Bird Feeders

1. Before class wrap and tie string around the smaller end of each pine cone and knot the ends to make a loop for hanging.

2. Set out separate pie pans of peanut butter and birdseed. Give each child a pine cone on a string and a craft stick. Show children how to spread peanut butter on their pine cones.

3. Then have children roll their pine cones in the pan of birdseed. Encourage children to press the pine cones into the birdseed firmly to make the seeds stick.

4. Slide finished bird feeders into plastic bags to keep the seeds intact. Tell children to have their parents remove the plastic bag and help tie the string to a tree branch at home.

5. Wash sticky hands with damp washcloths.

Extra Fun

Have children hold their bird feeders in one hand while pretending the other hand is a flighty bird coming for snacks. Then say this “twee” rhyme.

Little bird, fly here and eat. (bring hand, fluttering, down to feeder)

I have made a special treat. (pretend hand is a bird eating food)

Peanut butter, birdseed, too— (say “yum”)

A special gift from me to you. (point to self then to feeder)

God loves you, and so do I. (point up to God and then to self)

I love to watch you in the sky. (“fly” the hand up in the air)

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Preschool Craft: Pine Cone Bird Feeders

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