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toddlers playing together during nursery bible lesson
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Nursery Bible Lesson: God Made Us All

In this nursery Bible lesson, toddlers celebrate being made and loved by God!

Sing and Celebrate

Sing “God Made Us All” to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell” anytime during the session. Lead the toddlers in a march around the room as they sing.

God made the big giraffe. (stretch up tall)

God made the tiny fish. (make a tiny space between thumb and index finger)

God made each of us (turn around)

Just the way he wished. (clap hands)

God made the elephant (take two big stomps)

Look just like it should. (hold arm out like a trunk in front of nose)

God made me the way I am (hold both hands over chest)

And said, “It is good.” (clap hands)

I’m glad I’m not a cat. (meow and “wash” like a cat)

I’m glad I’m not a dog. (pant and bark like a dog)

I’m glad that I am God’s dear child (hug self)

And not a big bullfrog! (bounce and jump)

Sing “Living for God” to the tune of “Frère Jacques” anytime during the session. During the song, have the toddlers do the motions listed in the parentheses.

Living for God, living for God (point to sky)

Every day! Every way! (count on fingers)

We will be his children, (hug self)

And we’ll try to please God (use fingers to turn up mouth into a smile)

Every day! Every way! (count on fingers)

Finding God’s Child

You’ll need:

Open your Bible to Romans 8:9-17. Lay the mirror face down on your Bible. Work with one or two toddlers at a time.

Say: Paul wrote a letter to his friends. He said, “Now that you belong to Christ, God’s Spirit will help you live for God. You will be called God’s child because you are part of God’s family. God will share his treasures with us, and we can live for God.”

Sing the following song, “Where Is God’s Child?”, to the tune of “Where Is Thumbkin?”

Where is God’s child? Where is God’s child? (put your hand to your forehead as if searching for someone)

Here he [she] is! Here he [she] is! (put the mirror directly in front of a toddler’s face)

We can live for God! We can live for God! (point to sky)

I found God’s child—here he [she] is! (point to toddler)

What Do I Wear?

You’ll need:

  • coat
  • scarf
  • mittens
  • sunglasses

Work with two toddlers at a time. Play a game with the children, having them guess what they need.

Say: God’s children need something to wear to keep the sun out of their eyes. What can you find for God’s children to wear?

Encourage the toddlers to choose the sunglasses and take turns putting them on. Then repeat the question, naming another part of the body one of the items can be worn on. Continue until the toddlers have worn all the items.

Say: God wants his children to wear something else on their faces, too—a big smile! Use your fingers to push your mouth into a big smile.

When we smile, we make other people happy. We can live for God, making others happy and showing love. Encourage toddlers to show you their smiles.

This nursery Bible lesson comes from Group’s FaithWeaver NOW Sunday school curriculum. FaithWeaver NOW is an age-graded curriculum for infants through adults that engages kids through Jesus-style teaching methods. For even more lesson ideas, check out these posts!

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Nursery Bible Lesson: God Made Us All

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