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Children’s Message: No Room for God

Use this children’s message: No Room for God to help children learn that God wants to be first in their lives.

God’s second commandment warns us against putting idols before God. This object lesson will help your kids evaluate what idols exist in their lives.

Items needed:

  • Plastic pitcher or bucket (be sure the container holds as many cups of water as there are children in the class)
  • Water
  • Tray
  • For each child (cup, rock, red permanent marker)

Preparation: Pour a cup of water for each child. Hand each child a rock and a marker.

The Message:

Ask the children to think about what takes up a lot of their time, attention, and money-for example, TV, video or computer games, soccer practice, or playing with friends. Have the children write or draw those things on their rocks.

Use a red permanent marker to draw several large hearts on the pitcher, and place the pitcher on the tray. Hand each child a cup of water.

Say: This pitcher is like an empty heart. Let’s fill this heart with God. When it’s your turn, pour water into the pitcher and say, “God deserves first place in my heart because…” Then tell us something about who God is. For example, as I pour my water in, I’ll say, “God deserves first place in my heart because he is my creator.”

Let each child have a turn until the pitcher is nearly full. Check out the following passages for more of God’s qualities: Psalm 104:24 and Proverbs 3:19.

Say: Our hearts are full of the goodness of God, but sometimes other things try to crowd into our hearts. Each of you may now tell us what’s drawn on your rocks and then place your rock into the water.

As the children add their rocks, the water will over-flow. When they have finished, ask:

  • What happened to the water? Why?
  • How is this like what happens in our own hearts with God?
  • How can we keep our hearts full of God so he has first place?

Say: God’s second commandment is “You shall not make any idols.” Sometimes things we love become like idols, crowding God out. But God wants and deserves first place in your life.

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6 thoughts on “Children’s Message: No Room for God

  1. Avatar

    Good illustration

  2. Avatar
    Laverne McCormick

    Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for, a great demonstration!!!

  3. Avatar
    John W Bechtel

    Used this last week, this was GREAT! So, do you have one for the 3rd Commandment??

    • Avatar

      That’s great, John! We don’t currently have a lesson on the third commandment, but we’ll keep your interest in mind!

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Children’s Message: No Room for...

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