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Top-5 Ways to Maximize Your Easter Impact

One in five families is deciding if they will attend an Easter service—up to two weeks ahead of Easter. Use these five tips to double your Easter impact.

If Easter is in the top-3 most attended Sundays of the year, what are you doing to maximize your impact on that day?

A whopping 93 percent of pastors in a survey conducted by LifeWay Research reported that Easter is the most highly attended day of the year. But even two weeks before Easter, people in your community are still trying to make a decision about whether they’ll be at church on Easter—or not. In fact, in another LifeWay Research survey, only 41 percent of people surveyed said they were sure they’d attend an Easter church service.

What can you do to ensure that you capture the interest and attendance of families in your community at Easter? Here are the top-5 ways to maximize your Easter impact.

Top-5 Ways to Maximize Your Easter Impact

1. Pray for Easter Impact!

We can never forget that Easter is all about Jesus and that the Lord of the Harvest is the one who draws people to himself. Pray yourself. Join others in special prayer times. Encourage church members to sign up for daily prayer prompts.

2. Create a fun outreach event.

Families are always looking for safe places to take their children. That’s why an Easter egg hunt will draw hundreds of people—but how do you focus an Easter egg hunt on the gospel and not just the hunt? Group’s Easter events do just that! Kids and families enjoy amazing stations, engaging activities, and a fun celebration with real meaning.

3. Stage a power-packed Easter experience.

While you may not get families to forego their plans and attend an Easter service, you can expose them to the meaning of Easter with a powerful event. Road to Resurrection is a meaningful journey through powerful moments that surround the death and resurrection of Jesus. Families will never be the same after they attend this event that you put on at your church!

4. Invite and then invite some more!

Blitz your community with invitations. If you mail postcards, experts say you can expect 10 percent of recipients to attend—and 1 percent of the total number will return on subsequent Sundays. It’s old style, but it works. Also, create business-card size invitations that are easy to carry in a wallet and then share. Encourage men, women, kids, and families to invite friends, neighbors, classmates, and family members to Easter services and events. After all, the most effective way to get people to attend your church is a personal invitation.

5. Focus on the gospel.

Regardless of what you choose to do for Easter, make sure that people walk away with a clear understanding of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I know this is #5 on the list but it’s the #1 way to double your impact for Easter—to lead people to a relationship with their Savior.

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Top-5 Ways to Maximize Your Easter Im...

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