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preschool boy creating paper snowflake
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Let It Snow: Preschool Craft With Paper Snowflakes

In this craft, preschoolers “let it snow” as they make paper snowflakes and learn about how God made each person different.

Scripture: Romans 12:6

Let It Snow

You’ll need:
  • scissors
  • 8-inch paper circles (2 per child)
  • Let children glue their snowflakes on a bulletin board with a dark blue background. Title the display “Let It Snow!” or “Each One Is Special!”
  • Use wrapping-paper circles for fancy snowflake designs. Hang the snowflakes from coat hangers to make frosty mobiles.

 Making the Snowflakes

1. Before class cut thin paper into 8-inch circles. Cut two circles for each child. Cake-pan liners work well for this activity. (Hint: Coffee filters will not work well for this project—they’re difficult to tear.)

2. Help children fold the circles in half, then in half again, and once more to form pie shapes. Assure children that the folds don’t need to be exact.

3. Let children use their imaginations and muscles to tear small bits from the three sides of their pie shapes. Have children tear as many holes as they like, but be sure the holes don’t touch each other.

4. When children are finished tearing the holes, have them open the paper circles to see the beautiful, snowy designs and patterns.

Extra Fun

Have children hold their paper snowflakes in the air and look at them. Point out that the pattern of each snowflake is different from the others, just as God made each of us different. Then sing this active song to the tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Let children toss their snowflakes in the air to make a blizzard!

One little snowflake fell from above. (holding your snowflakes, pretend to let one float to the ground)

Then came a second flake, white just like a dove. (pretend to let the second snowflake float to the ground)

When the ground was covered, (“float” the snowflakes back and forth, showing snow-covered ground)

The children pranced with glee. (“dance” the snowflakes back and forth)

Each little snowflake’s special— (continue moving snowflakes)

Just like you ‘n’ me! (put snowflakes over your heart)

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