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Independence Day
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Independence Day: Freedom Breakfast

Show your children’s ministry the meaning of Independence Day with this fun Bible breakfast.

Serve a breakfast before Sunday school to show children what kind of breakfast the Israelites may have eaten after God led them to the Promised Land. This multisensory experience is one that kids will remember forever.

The more elaborate you make your environment the better. Set up low tables so children can sit on the floor. (Plywood on bricks will work fine.) Cover tables with cloths. Use large pottery jars as centerpieces. Earthenware serving pieces and baskets also add to the ambience.

Have one server for each table. Encourage your servers to dress in costume and to explain each food’s biblical connection as they serve it. Servers can connect the Israelites’ new found freedom to our freedom in Christ.

Here’s a sample menu:


  • Bread: Exodus 12:14-20 (Unleavened bread is available in stores.)
  • Honey: Proverbs 24:13 (Serve in a pot with a honey server.)
  • Milk: Judges 4:19 (Serve in cups rather than in cartons.)
  • Eggs: Luke 11:11-13 (Boil and cut in pieces to serve.)
  • Figs: Exodus 8:7-10: (You can get these in a can.)
  • Grapes: Deuteronomy 23:24 (Serve in bunches.)
  • Cake: 1 Samuel 30:11-15 (Use Fig Newtons.)

Mildred Musgrave
Fairfield, Illinois


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Independence Day: Freedom Breakfast

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