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A circle of preschoolers and teachers sitting in the grass. One girl is being chased around the circle by a little boy.
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Preschool Sunday School Lesson: I Am Special!

Use this preschool Sunday school lesson: I Am Special! to help little ones know how special they are to God. Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

Preschool Sunday School Lesson: I Am Special!

1. Welcome

As children enter the room, tape an “I am special” construction paper ribbon to each of them. Say: You are special to God!

2. Jesus Loves You

Play the familiar game of Duck, Duck, Goose, but instead of saying “duck, duck, goose,” have the child who is “It” say, “Jesus loves, loves, loves YOU!”

In this game, children sit in a circle. The child who is It walks around the circle and pats each child’s head while saying only one word in the phrase. When the child says “you,” the child whose head is tapped jumps up and chases It back to the tagged child’s space. If the tagged child catches It, the child who’s It must sit in the middle of the circle until someone replaces him or her. The new child is It and continues the game. Remind children to make sure everyone gets a turn because Jesus loves everyone in the circle.

Afterward, read aloud 1 John 4:9-10 in an easy-to-understand translation.

3. I Am Special Celebration Circle

Play this game to celebrate each child’s unique abilities. Have children join hands and walk in a circle as they sing this song to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”:

God made you special,
God made me special,
Amazing and wonderful,
Just look what you can do!

Each time the song is sung, have a different child tell one of his or her talents and then move to the center of the circle for the remainder of the game. Continue singing until you’re the only one left in the circle.

4. Special Spinners

For each child, cut a three-inch circle from poster board. Punch a hole in each side of the circles. Help children thread a rubber band through each hole. Pull each rubber band through itself and tighten the rubber band until firmly fastened to the circle.

Form pairs. Help children each write “I’m” near the top of their circles. Have partners exchange circles and draw their partner’s picture on the lower half of his or her circle on the “I’m” side. Turn circles over with “I’m” at the bottom. Help children each write “special” on the top half of their circle, just above the rubber band holes.

Have partners return their circles to each other. Show children how to put their forefinger and middle finger of each hand through the rubber bands and wind the circles tight, using the thumb and middle finger of each hand. When children let go, circles will spin. “I’m special” will appear.

5. In God’s Image

Form pairs. Have partners decide who’ll be the “model” and who’ll be the “mirror.” Standing face to face, have the models move about and have the mirrors imitate their actions. After several minutes, switch positions so the model is now the mirror.

Ask: What do you see when you look into a real mirror? 

Read aloud Psalm 139:13-16.

Say: God sees someone very special when he looks at you.

6. “I Am Special” Prayer of Esteem

Have kids hold hands in a circle. Walk around the outside of the circle and place your hand over each child one at a time. When you place your hand over a child’s head, have children pray and thank God for that person. Encourage children to be specific in their prayers, such as “God, thank you for Tim’s sense of humor” or “Thank you for Alyssa’s brains.” As the prayers wind down, move to a new child.

7. Food for Thought

You’ll need:

  • graham crackers
  • icing
  • knives
  • M&M’s candies
  • licorice laces
  • red hot candies

Directions: Form pairs. Have partners each create their partner’s portrait, using the food supplies. Kids can ice their graham crackers and then use the candies to create faces. Encourage kids to be positive and kind. Then have partners trade portraits and chow down.

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3 thoughts on “Preschool Sunday School Lesson: I Am Special!

  1. Leticia Sierra

    I like the information!!

  2. I liked getting some fresh ideas but I wish there was a picture of the Special Spinners so I’d have a better idea of how they are supposed to look.

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